Joseph Mlodik, of the dark ambient project Noctilucant, is back with the fourth episode of his dark ambient vlog, The Inner Sanctum. On this episode Joseph speaks about dark ambient projects Svartsinn and Infinexhuma along with some other projects which we would call “On the Periphery” here. As usual, it’s great to hear the thoughts of a long time dark ambient fan, one with an inner perspective as well, since he also releases music within the genre. We’re proud to continue sharing his vlog episodes here and we hope you are enjoying them!

Michael Barnett

Episode 4 of The Inner Sanctum has arrived! This time around I talk about a dark ambient classic from Svartsinn, and then diverge a bit and talk about some more experimental electronic, noise and even dungeon synth related releases, before jumping back to form with a relatively new and exciting pure dark ambient release. Enjoy the darkness!

Joseph Mlodik

Episode Chapters:
Intro 00:00
Svartsinn 01:23
Nothing 10:42
Wilt 18:18
Arvo Zylo 22:36
Intermission 26:30
Infernum 27:21
Infinexhuma 33:29
Outro/End Credits 42:43

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