The Inner Sanctum – A Dark Ambient Vlog: Episode 07

Joseph Mlodik of Noctilucant says of his latest dark ambient vlog:
“Two Inner Sanctum episodes in one month! What is going on?! In this special “holiday” edition of The Inner Sanctum, I chill out, be myself and talk about a few older and generally forgotten dark ambient releases from years past. Reviews and further insights on releases from Convalescent, Vestigial, Non Ethos and Cataclyst. Enjoy the darkness!”

Episode chapters:
00:00 Intro
01:59 Convalescent
08:30 Vestigial
15:32 Non Ethos
22:26 Cataclyst
29:16 Outro
32:40 End Credits

Check out the Noctilucant Youtube channel here.


Arktau Eos – Interview


Sodom & Chimera – Interview with film director James Quinn


  1. Thomas Howarth

    Just found your site through a review of The Caretakers album. Awesome work and cant wait to start going through the archive of music and review! Keep up the great work!

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