Joseph Mlodik of Noctilucant is back with his tenth edition of The Inner Sanctum vlog! For personal reasons, which had nothing to do with Joseph or his content, I got a little behind on sharing these vlogs on This Is Darkness. So hear is the new one, and I will add the ones that I skipped shortly after.

I tip my hat to Joseph for being a brave soul and getting out in front of the camera to share his unique take on so many dark ambient releases. My “retro reviews” section on This Is Darkness has not seen much activity because I wasn’t listening back in the 90s and early 2000s. It is so much better to get insights on these older albums from the guys that actually experienced them at the times of release, like Joseph, and also like Richard of Spectrum Magazine (a guy and zine that I will talk more about in a future post).

I will put a few of my personal comments about this episode below the actual video, because it wouldn’t make sense to read them before watching it. You can also click the links in the timestamped section below the video and they will take you to the Discogs page for each relevant album.

Thanks Joseph for keeping up this wonderful vlog series, and thanks to the audience for reading/watching here and supporting him on Youtube! If you like his vlogs definitely subscribe to his Noctilucant channel on Youtube! (and ring that stupid bell so you can get notifications about the latest episodes!)

Episode Contents
00:00 Intro
00:30 Opening Words
03:59 Beer of the Day
06:54 Altarmang
15:39 Current 93
30:44 Ninth Desert
38:29 Moloch Conspiracy
46:12 Outro
48:19 End Credits (with music by Aindulmedir)

A few of Michael’s thoughts:

Kenneth Hansson first initially snuck up on the dark ambient scene through his reel-to-reel tape treatment of The Humming Tapes by Cities Last Broadcast. He also helped to coordinate the seances which were so integral to that album. Around that time, those two gentlemen went into discussions of their own project as a duo, of which Altarmang was born.

Also, I wanted to add that the Altarmang vinyl edition was released through Autarkeia and is available still for sale through their distro, and I know it is also able to be purchased through Malignant Records distro.