The focus of This Is Darkness is to create and share content which will be of particular interest to dark ambient fans. This doesn’t mean we will only cover the music.

  • We do reviews of music, books, games, films, and television shows. Anything that will interest our followers.
  • We have a news segment, which covers all the latest happenings around the dark ambient scene.
  • We create mixes. Some of which focus on specific styles of music, while others focus on holidays, seasons, or other relevant topics.
  • We are working on adding contributors, creating huge exclusive compilations, starting a writer’s corner, and many other features.

This Is Darkness started up with the help of a few great friends, but we need to keep things running. We need every little bit of help we can get to keep this thing moving, keep growing in exposure, size, and breadth of features!

I say we, but this thing has been run 99% by Michael Barnett. I have the time to create content and listen to hundreds of albums because I am on disability. Physical pain and mental anxiety hinder me quite often along the way. I more frequently have $0 in my bank account by the end of the month than not. I’ve been running This Is Darkness for several years, and worked with Terra Relicta and briefly with Heathen Harvest before I started TiD. I do this because it is my true love. But it is hard, there are a lot of days I don’t do as much as I’d like. Being unable to afford psychiatrist visits and prescriptions any longer, I quit my anxiety meds ‘cold-turkey’ a few months ago. I’m still feeling the mental reverberations from that… So if you don’t see anything from me in a particular week or month, you can assume that things were/are extra intense and I’ll be back to normal again soon, as I’ve proved over the years.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your support, whether it is sharing a post, commenting, joining Patreon, or buying a compilation. Or just sending the occasional message (some of which I don’t always respond to, but I do always appreciate the sentiment!).

Michael Barnett

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