This is the second part to the Noir – Dark Jazz mix.

On this mix we dive deeper into a blend of dark jazz, dark ambient, and other urban smoky club music. This one will be a bit more active than the first, diverging a bit further from the dark ambient elements. Again, this one deserves a glass of Scotch and your finest smoke. For late, contemplative summer evenings, in the privacy of your home or aimlessly wandering your nearest metropolis. You can find links to the albums featured below the Mixcloud player. Enjoy!
You can check out the first half here.

01. 0:00:00 Michael Arthur Holloway – Dead Weight
02. 0:05:55 Bebopovsky and the Orkestry Podyezdov
03. 0:09:55 Atrium Carceri, Cities Last Broadcast & God Body Disconnect – Miles To Midnight
04. 0:15:40 The Orchestra of Mirrored Reflections – Dissociative Fugue
05. 0:22:05 The Sarto Klyn V – A Rumour
06. 0:29:30 Elegi – Full Av Tomhet
07. 0:32:30 Bohren & der Club of Gore – Im Rauch
08. 0:37:45 Jon Hassell – Estaté (“Summer”)
09. 0:42:30 Detour Doom Project – Nightfall
10. 0:47:15 Wordclock – Where Mercy Lives
11. 0:50:45 Somewhere Off Jazz Street – Rest Your Head
12. 0:56:00 Michael Arthur Holloway – Short Change
13. 1:01:15 Atrium Carceri, Cities Last Broadcast & God Body Disconnect – The Sleep Ensemble
14. 1:06:30 L’Assassinat – Train To Lepell’s
15. 1:11:00 Gamardah Fungus – Too Much Crime In The Paradise