This Is Darkness Presents: Halloween Dark Ambient Mix – 2016
0:00:00 Atrium Carceri “Quarantine”
0:01:55 Tehom “Darkness Cosmogony of Myths”
0:05:15 Kammarheit “I Found It Weeping In The Field”
0:13:00 Cryobiosis “Murkfall”
0:17:10 The Haxan Cloak “Consumed”
0:18:40 Ruairi O’Baoighill “Boithrin Dorcha”
0:23:45 Hoshin “The All Is Aflame”
0:29:35 Dronny Darko “Rotten Orchestra”
0:34:40 Black Sun “Hymn To Lucifer”
0:39:45 Lamia Vox “Enemy of Heaven”
0:45:00 SPINE “The Dying Process”
0:52:15  Druhá Smrt “Deathward”
0:59:35 Inade “The World Behind The World”
1:05:35 Aegri Somnia “Faux Prophet”
1:11:15 Svartsinn “As A Black Stone Monument”
1:14:50 Apocryphos “Tenebrous”
1:23:10 Cities Last Broadcast “Lights Out”
1:24:00 raison d’etre “Inner Depths of Sadness”
1:29:15 Taphephobia “She’s Hiding In The Shadows”
1:33:45 Phelios “Eye of Terror”
1:41:00 Apocryphos, Kammarheit, Atrium Carceri “Avenoir”

Total runtime: 1hr45min