Here are the dark ambient albums that we at This is Darkness have been listening to this month – some are new releases, but a few are older gems we’ve just (re)discovered.

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Animent – Revelation


Animent creates wonderful music that combines elements of Nordic folk music with neoclassical and industrial sounds. Their latest release, Revelation, is a 5 track EP that also draws from the sounds of the Middle East, Africa, and the Far East – resulting in something very special indeed. This is captivating music that is heartfelt and perfectly captures the human experience – our hopes, our passion, our desire to find our place in the universe. Highly recommended for fans of dark ambient / drone with a shamanic edge. Stunning!

Stephen Roddy – Stardust Sonata


Now, this is very cool – an album that “is both a tribute and lament to David Bowie in ritual ambient form…”. The music here is gorgeous ambient, with additional guitar and electronic elements added to the mix – combined perfectly to create haunting, ethereal soundscapes. In places this is desolate and despairing, in others it is more positive and hopeful. This is an album well worth checking out if you’re looking for something that offers something refreshingly different. Remarkable!

Neon Noodle – Atavist


The latest release from Neon Noodle is another awesome album that pushes against the boundaries of what can be done within the dark ambient genre. Soul music, triphop, and experimental rock elements added to the mix work beautifully together to produce an audio experience that is as rewarding as it is breath-taking. I’ve had this album on repeat play since I first heard it, and each time I play it, it offers something new and exciting. Incredible stuff!

Saishō 最小 – Manifeste Sonore pour un Sommeil R​é​volutionnaire


Inner Demons Records continues to be one of my favourite labels – consistently releasing music of the highest calibre, with each and every release offering something very special indeed. Manifeste Sonore pour un Sommeil R​é​volutionnaire from Saishō 最小 is a 2 track EP of hypnotic drone which is perfect for losing yourself in – and a great starting point for checking out the music from this talented artist. Simply wonderful!

Sam – BAD


The latest “bluedrone” release from Sam features 3 tracks of his signature acoustic guitar based drone ambient – over 50 minutes of seriously cool, laid back music. This is one of those albums that is ideal for relaxing to – its chilled out soundscapes taking the listener away from their stresses and worries, and transporting them to an oasis of calm, somewhere deep in the southern desert. Fabulous!

Modern Silent Cinema – Anemic Music


Strictly speaking, Anemic Music – the latest release from Modern Silent Cinema – isn’t dark ambient, but experimental instrumental guitar music. However, with gorgeous dark ambient and drone undertones, that doesn’t matter- because this is an album that will definitely appeal to those listeners looking for something a little different from the usual dark ambient fare. This is dark and edgy stuff, with eerie soundscape elements that compliment the guitars perfectly. Fantastic stuff!

Onasander – Under Unknown Stars


Fans of space ambient will absolutely love Under Unknown Stars, the latest album from Italian dark ambient musician Onasander. With soaring soundscapes, and evolving drones, this 6 track album has been on repeat play since first heard it – the soothing vibes drawing me back, again and again. This is highly recommended if you are looking for something uplifting with cosmic tones. Beautiful!

Various Artists – Cut UP. Deconstructing W. S. Burroughs


William S. Burroughs developed a literary technique known as Cut-Up that involving cutting words from an existing text to generate a new meaning by mixing the various words in a different order. Now, the ever awesome Unexplained Sounds Group label has released this album of music inspired by the man and the method. With each of the 13 tracks offering something different, there is something here for everyone – dark ambient, drone, experimental and avant-garde music to name just a few genres covered here. Wonderful stuff!

Eternal Cynic – A Load of Old Bollox (and Some New Bollox​)​!


“Prepare your ears and soul for a journey into the depths of auditory chaos with Eternal Cynic’s latest offering” is how the description from this new 7 track album starts, and it sums it up perfectly – because this awesome release is a total noise fest of the highest order and is an absolute blast from start to finish! No, this isn’t an easy listen, but that’s kind of the point – with song titles like “She Went on a First Date with the Boy Before She Realized He Was an Anarchist” and “Walls of Static” you should know what to expect. This is one of those albums that stays with you long after it’s finished playing. Amazing!

Rojinski – Zone of War


Rojinski is one of the most prolific dark ambient musicians out there, releasing awesome album after awesome album at a rate that is sometimes hard to keep up with – but each and every album is an absolute must listen. Zone of War is no different, with incredible soundscapes of cinematic dark ambient, blended skilfully with subtle field records to produce goose-bump-inducing music that is jaw-droppingly good. Quite simply, you have to check this out. Fantastic!

CrAwE – Hypnogogic Music For Hypnogogic States M​ō​na Drone Dr​ē​Am​-​Cr​æ​ft​)​)​)


By now, regular readers will know that I am massive fan of CrAwE and his haunting dark ambient / drone soundscapes. His latest release, Hypnogogic Music For Hypnogogic States M​ō​na Drone Dr​ē​Am​-​Cr​æ​ft​)​)​) is another work of art – made up of layers of bowed guitar and bass, synth, and field recordings made during late night walks. Perfect for losing yourself in, for de-cluttering your mind, and for connecting with your inner self. Absolutely amazing!

Michael Grunditz – Through a Glass Darkly


Through a Glass Darkly by Michael Grunditz is another cracking release on the ever brilliant Reverse Alignment label. Featuring slowly evolving drones, ethereal soundscapes, and haunting vocal layers, this is a wonderfully mesmerising album that leaves the listener feeling moved. With subtle melancholic undertones, this is an album that lives on inside you long after it’s finished playing. An essential listen for fans of the deeper, more thought provoking music within the genre. Breath-taking!

IO – The Creation of Light


Inspired by, and dedicated to the work of ‘Paradise Lost’ by John Milton and the 24 illustrations by John Martin (1827), this thirteen minute track combines dark ambient soundscapes with electronic glitches and an underlying sense of darkness and fragility. Highly recommended for fans of layered dark ambient with gothic undertones. Wonderful!

Marsupial Alliance, Vantage Planets, Fail, and Vasectomy Party – Live at the Fork and Spoon 05​/​18​/​24


Fans of noise, glitch, drones, and genre-defying sound art will absolutely love this co-release between Inner Demons Records, Fork and Spoon, and Forever Escaping Boredom! With live performances from 4 different artists (Marsupial Alliance, Vantage Planets, Fail, and Vasectomy Party) this is an essential purchase for fans of music that isn’t afraid to push against the boundaries and limits of the genre and provide the listener with challenging rewarding music. Stunning!

Jarl – Neurotransmitters​-​Sphere​-​Music


Neurotransmitters​-​Sphere​-​Music is Jarl’s sixth album on the Reverse Alignment label, and consists of four pieces showcasing his trademark psychedelic, hypnotic approach. This is gorgeously minimal music, with pulsating synth work and repetitive layers of evolving drones – all blended together to create something truly special. A must-listen for those of you who like subtle soundscapes and layered sound. Awesome!

Spacecraft – To the Milky Way


I’m a huge fan of Mumbai based Spacecraft – his space ambient music never failing to impress with its awe-inspiring dream-like cosmic tones and relaxing moods. His new single, To the Milky Way, is another masterpiece, with hypnotic drones and ethereal soundscapes working together in harmony to create an audio experience guaranteed to comfort and relax. Wonderful stuff!

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