This Is Darkness presents you with our latest mix, “Winter Mix 2017”. Predominantly dark ambient, the mix also contains a bit of neo-folk and post-rock, making it a more dynamic listen. Recommended for chilly days behind closed doors, peering out the window at the icy landscape.

01. Ugasanie – “North Breath” from Border of Worlds
02. Wolcensmen – “Snowfall” from Songs From The Fyrgen
03. Altarmang – “Aether” from Void
04. Sun Through Eyelids – “It Comes In Waves” from Pathways of the Lost
05. Enearth – “Dream Evil” from Come Into My Dream
06. Winterblood – “Passaggio Soprannaturale 1” from Passaggio Soprannaturale
07. Angelo Badalamenti – “Haunting & Hearthbreaking” from Lost Highway O.S.T.
08. Wolves and Horses – “Aphelion” from Tomb of Seers
09. SiJ & Item Caligo – “It Was Good To Destroy Once Again” from Queer Reminiscence
10. This Will Destroy You – “A Three-legged Workhorse” from This Will Destroy You
11. Apocryphos, Kammarheit, & Atrium Carceri – “Drawn Like A Moth” from Echo
12. Sana Obruent – “The Preparation” from Dyatlov
13. The Caretaker – “We Don’t Have Many Days” from Everywhere At The End Of Time
14. Paul Minesweeper – “Icebound” from Last Frontier
15. Apocryphos – “Sesam In Winter Lights” from …that first season – A Winter-Light Compilation
16. Angelo Badalamenti – “Fred’s World” from Lost Highway O.S.T.
17. Enmarta – “March of the Priests” from The Hermit