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Halloween Dark Ambient Mix 2020

I hope you’ll all enjoy this new seamless mix of the latest dark ambient tracks from around the genre, with a focus on ‘creepier Halloween sounds’. You can find links to all the included albums below the mix, if you like a track support the artists!

01. 00:00:00 Aegri Somnia – Doomocalypse
02. 00:04:15 New Risen Throne – Sigh of the Soul
03. 00:12:50 Hymnambulae – Arkivet
04. 00:18:10 protoU – Ghost in You (Part I)
05. 00:24:30 Dahlia’s Tear – The Valley of Unrest
06. 00:32:45 Taphephobia – Never to be Found
07. 00:42:20 Desiderii Marginis – An Immense Hardened Shadow
08. 00:48:00 Undirheimar – Helvegr
09. 00:55:00 Lamia Vox – Animus
10. 00:59:35 Shedir – You Hear Rise the Secret Wind Behind the Brain
11. 01:04:30 Atrium Carceri & Cities Last Broadcast – All Things Nocturnal
12. 01:10:00 Ugasanie – Sorrow


Pandemic Mix – Fall 2020

I hope everyone is holding up alright during these trying times. I’ve been fighting to keep motivation for the most basic of things, but I’m going to be trying to get more active again, we’ll see how it goes! Today’s offering is a new mix I’ve created, tailored to your pandemic needs. The mix falls back and forth between passivity and more active/percussive moments. I hope you will all find this enjoyable and discover a few new tracks along the way. Stay safe out/in there!


01. 00:00 Lamia Vox – Song of Destiny
02. 05:00 Hymnambulae – Light-Vessel
03. 09:35 Undirheimar – Helvegr
04. 16:50 Shedir – Conceive These Images In Air
05. 19:55 God Body Disconnect – At the End of a Breath
06. 24:15 Desiderii Marginis – What Death Whispers to the Dying
07. 29:05 Bonini Bulga – Remember the Bones
08. 35:10 Beyond the Ghost – Frozen in Time
09. 40:15 Ghostemane – Androids Dream of Electric Sheep
10. 43:40 Atrium Carceri – Ritual at the End of Time

Guest Sessions: Winter-Light Records Mix

We are very pleased to share with you the latest in our series of guest mixes. This time Mark O’Shea of Winter-Light Records has contributed a one hour seamless mix. This mix includes a dark and wonderful flow of tracks from recent Winter-Light Records releases. You’ve had the chance to read on This Is Darkness about projects like Nam-Khar, ABBILDUNG and VelgeNaturlig, but we invite you to now take a deeper dive into the recent catalog of the Winter-Light label. As always, if you find music hear that you enjoy, we implore you to follow the links provided below the player and support the label and artists that have worked so tirelessly to present this music to you! Enjoy!

In case the embedded player doesn’t work for you, here’s the direct link:

01. 0:00:00 Charadriiform & Filivs Marcocosmi – Drifting Stations
02. 0:05:52 Jeff Stonehouse – These Promises
03. 0:11:34 Rapoon – You look like something…
04. 0:18:20 NIMH – The Thanandar’s Room
05. 0:22:35 Nam-khar – Dri Za
06. 0:26:30 Foetusdreams – Ignis Fatum
07. 0:33:10 Inner Vision Laboratory – Badlands
08. 0:37:25 Seetyca – wenn alles aus ist
09. 0:43:45 NIMH – Beyond The Gates
10. 0:49:20 ABBILDUNG – Hymne Zahir
11. 0:54:10 VelgeNaturlig – Secret Dialogue

Guest Sessions: Black Mara Records – Dark Tribal Mix

Black Mara Records has been one of the most interesting labels to emerge in the last few years. Only releasing music since 2015, Black Mara immediately stood out because of their attention to releasing the music of top-notch artists. They also have drawn much attention for their focus on beautifully realized physical releases. Each release has its own style and packaging. Special editions come with everything from handcrafted incense to leather-bound books.

It is with much pleasure that This Is Darkness offers you a mix crafted by the man that runs Black Mara Records, Дмитрий Федощенко! Enjoy the mix, and if you hear something you like please support the artist with a download or purchase of one of their exquisite physical releases!

You can find links to each track’s album on Bandcamp below the Mixcloud player!

If you find value in what we do here at This Is Darkness, please consider sharing this article on your social medias!


01. 00:00 Sol Mortuus – Muv-Anki
02. 09:00 Creation VI – Mountain Roots
03. 14:50 Nubiferous – Witching Rings
04. 19:35 Paul Minesweeper – Solid Heaven
05. 22:35 AFFECTVS & Lamia Culta- Sama Atar
06. 24:06 Северный Лес – Отречение
07. 25:20 Purba – Ritual Two
08. 28:07 Ad Lucem Tenebratum – Autarky
09. 30:53 Troum – Aerugo

Guest Sessions: Pär Boström Legacy Mix

This is the first of our guest sessions in which we’ll have artists with a variety of musical projects, yet all closely related to dark ambient, create a mix of their own music for us.

For this first mix, Pär Boström will be showcasing a song from each of his musical projects in a seamless mix, as per This Is Darkness usual recipe.

Pär Boström has been one of the most revered names in the dark ambient scene for almost two decades now. His emergence coincided with the birth of Cyclic Law, both artist and label owing successes to each other in those early years. While Kammarheit has been releasing albums since the early 2000s, many of Boström’s projects have cropped up over the last few years. Along with the emergence of his relatively new label Hypnagoga Press, which is run alongside his sister Åsa Boström, who is also the other half of Hymnambulae. The other project to include a second member is Altarmang, in which Pär is accompanied by Kenneth Hansson. It is also worth noting here that while Bonini Bulga and Teahouse Radio have only recently had their debut releases, these projects have been with Boström for years, awaiting a proper time to fully animate themselves.

00:00 Teahouse Radio – The Elsewhere Sleep

07:32 Hymnambulae – Bära Fram Solen

13:05 Kammarheit – Adrift

20:11 Bonini Bulga – Each Named

25:13 Aindulmedir – Wind-Bitten

30:00 Cities Last Broadcast – Cella

39:30 Altarmang – Sulphur

The Recluse of Bayswater Mix

We will be incorporating more works like this in the future. Full texts of old horror and weird fiction which has fallen into public domain, but is certainly still worthy of reading. We would greatly appreciate feedback on this feature. What sort of stories would you prefer? Longer? Shorter? Stupid idea? Let us know! Also we are keeping an eye open for new unpublished works by modern authors who may be looking for some extra exposure through the zine. So, please get in touch!

This feature will include a mix of music inspired by the text, as well as a perfect companion to its reading. The story will also be preceded by a brief foreword written and/or compiled by This Is Darkness.

Check out the novella and mix here.

Links to all included albums on the mix can be found below the player.

01. 0:00:00 Endless Melancholy – Prologue (For A Broken Tape Recorder)
02. 0:01:30 The Caretaker – Now The Night Is Over And The Dawn Is About To Break
03. 0:06:25 Mortaur – Suit Wearer Walking Backwards
04. 0:08:10 Flowers for Bodysnatchers – Dear Ernest, You’re Dead
05. 0:16:30 L’Horrible Passion – Mnemosine (or how to lose your eyes to never see the light again)
06. 0:25:50 Ian Fleming – The Smell of Flesh As It Cooks
07. 0:30:40 Atrium Carceri – The Ancient City
08. 0:34:45 The Caretaker – An Empty Bliss Beyond This World
09. 0:38:30 Secluded Alchemist – As Ages Pass, Solace is Found
10. 0:43:20 Manifesto – Dog Country
11. 0:47:50 David Lynch & Dean Hurley – The Air is on Fire: VII (Interior)
12. 0:51:30 Spiralithic – Les Gnossiennes d’Erik Satie – Gnossienne No.3
13. 0:54:00 Teahouse Radio – Death would find my halls and flood them
14. 0:57:40 Council of Nine – This World Has Not Been Kind
15. 1:03:30 Atrium Carceri – Red Stains
16. 1:06:00 Mebitek feat. Nicola Melis – Romantic Deepness
17. 1:12:30 Wordclock – Beatrice’s Euphoria
18. 1:18:30 The Caretaker – Glimpses of hope in trying times
19. 1:23:10 First Human Ferro – Prophetic Decay of Angel
20. 1:29:20 Sana Obruent – Good Night
21. 1:32:30 Tapes and Topographies – Stay Until I Sleep

The Willows Mix – Atmospheric Dark Ambient Mix

Inspired by and created to accompany reading of:

The Willows by Algernon Blackwood

We will be incorporating more works like this in the future. Full texts of old horror and weird fiction which has fallen into public domain, but is certainly still worthy of reading. We would greatly appreciate feedback on this feature. What sort of stories would you prefer? Longer? Shorter? Stupid idea? Let us know! Also we are keeping an eye open for new unpublished works by modern authors who may be looking for some extra exposure through the zine. So, please get in touch!

The format for this feature will be a mix of music inspired by the text, as well as a perfect companion to it’s reading. This means no distracting elements will be present, unless it is utterly warranted by the content of the text. The story will also be preceded by a brief foreword written and/or compiled by This Is Darkness.

Check out the full text for the novella, The Willows by Algernon Blackwood here.

01. 0:00:00 Dead Melodies – Peach Black Descent
02. 0:05:35 Old Green Mountain – Dead Leaf Blues
03. 0:07:30 Kristoffer Oustad – Row Me Over
04. 0:15:45 Dronny Darko & Apollonius – Lost
05. 0:28:45 Fross – La Otra Muerte
06. 0:32:30 Cisfinitum – The Bog (edit)
07. 0:44:00 Caleb R.K. Williams – Dead Prairie Theme
08. 0:46:00 Med Gen – Fallen Woods (edit)
09. 0:57:30 Bonini Bulga – Guided
10. 1:01:35 Atrium Carceri – Across the Sea of the Dead
11. 1:08:30 Northumbria – Borderlands
12. 1:13:10 Leigh Toro – The Owl in Daylight
13. 1:18:15 Ugasanie & Xerxes the Dark – Ships that do not Return
14. 1:26:00 Item Caligo – Painful Sleep
15. 1:34:30 Sun Through Eyelids – …And It All Went Black
16. 1:36:30 Simon Serc – Action V (edit)
17. 1:46:35 Emilia – Drowned Laments
18. 1:47:20 Sysselmann – Stormwatch
19. 1:53:40 Dramavinile – Silfra IX
20. 1:55:50 protoU & Hilyard – Blood Grass Sojourn
21. 2:07:35 Ugasanie – To the Land of Storms and Mists
22. 2:11:15 Taphephobia & Bleak Fiction – Main Scene, Nuuk freeze (night)
23. 2:15:50 Northaunt – Nightfall In The Woods
24. 2:20:30 Ajna – Spirits I
25. 2:27:00 Creation VI – Natura Renovatur
26. 2:48:45 kj – Foxes (feat. Aaron Martin)
27. 2:55:30 Tapes and Topographies – Far Fields
28. 2:59:15 Atasehir – Let Us Guide You Home
29. 3:05:05 Kaya North – The Skull
30. 3:10:45 VelgeNaturlig – Secret Dialogue

Halloween Horror Ambient Mix – 2018

A mix of the creepiest dark ambient tracks I could compile! A blend of brand new tracks with some classics intertwined. Perfect for a solitary night of reading horror fiction or scaring the trick or treaters. Over two hours of seamlessly mixed darkness! Enjoy!

See links to all included albums below the Mixcloud player!

01. 0:00:00 Mortaur – Moving in Darkness
02. 0:03:35 Manifesto – Hive
03. 0:12:55 Northumbria – The Wìndjigò
04. 0:17:45 Archon Satani – Exceeding Insalubrity
05. 0:22:15 Alphaxone & Xerxes the Dark – Ancient Amulet
06. 0:26:20 Skincage – Lost Carcosa
07. 0:28:20 RNGMNN – Spectral Lines (Exclusive preview from upcoming album!)
08. 0:33:50 Svartsinn – Doubt as Sin (Nietzsce’s Lament)
09. 0:39:05 raison d’etre – Katharsis (Follow the link to the new vinyl re-release!)
10. 0:45:10 Cities Last Broadcast – Anomaly
11. 0:47:05 Nordvargr – I See Shadows
12. 0:51:20 Dronny Darko – Pale Shadows
13. 0:53:50 Apocryphos – Tenebrous
14. 1:01:30 Bonedust – When The Heavens Flee
15. 1:04:10 Atrium Carceri – The Maze
16. 1:07:05 Mater Suspiria Vision – Satan Oh Satan
17. 1:07:55 Randal Collier-Ford – Hellgate
18. 1:13:05 Oestergaards – Nihilist
19. 1:17:50 L’Horrible Passion – Apatheia
20. 1:26:15 Uncertain – Seedling (Withering)
21. 1:31:10 The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble – Giallo
22. 1:37:00 Dahlia’s Tear – The Frozen Echoes of the Endless Moor
23. 1:42:45 Emilia – Closed Eyes
24. 1:44:10 Taphephobia & Bleak Fiction – Sick Route
25. 1:47:40 VelgeNaturlig – Grey Sun
26. 1:48:50 Ajna – Black Room
27. 1:55:30 Caleb R.K. Williams – Spectral Throne
28. 1:56:55 Moloch Conspiracy – The Awful Ritual
29. 2:03:05 Dead Melodies – Haunted by Whispers
30. 2:08:00 Flowers for Bodysnatchers – A Darker Rebirth
31. 2:14:50 Sana Obruent – The Haunted Waltz

Devil’s Night Mix (Post-Industrial Aural Assault)

The Devil’s Night Mix was inspired by my interest in ‘Devil’s Night’ on the 30th of October, which has long been a dreaded celebration in Detroit, among other places in the United States. What started half a century ago as a light-hearted night of trickery, later turned into an all-out assault on the city of Detroit every October. The destruction reached a peak in the mid- to late-1980s, with more than 800 fires set in 1984, and 500 to 800 fires in the three days and nights before Halloween in a typical year. But the legacy lingers, and this odd “holiday” is increasingly known around the world, thanks to its inclusion in The Crow and other entertainment industry projects.

This mix is a combination of some harsher dark ambient along with a blend of post-industrial devastation.

Proceed with caution!

You can find links to all music included in this mix below the Mixcloud player.

01. 0:00:00 Atrium Carceri – Sacrifice to the Machine
02. 0:04:45 MZ.412 – The Father Uncreated
03. 0:10:10 Murderous Vision – Voided
04. 0:15:30 Yen Pox – Scorched Earth
05. 0:25:00 Mortaur – Suit Wearer Walking Backwards
06. 0:26:40 Ajna – Infinitam Abyssum
07. 0:32:50 Trepaneringsritualen – Death & Ecstacy
08. 0:36:10 Abattoir, Satori – The Great Vow
09. 0:41:50 All Signs of Those Who Left – Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave
(Exclusive Use of Upcoming Track, check out the ASOTWL releases here.)
10. 0:46:10 Common Eider, King Eider – Helene
11. 0:53:50 Corona Barathri – Daemonolatreia (feat. Infernvs)
12. 1:01:50 Himukalt – Ruined-Raped
13. 1:06:30 Harko City – Swollen Empire
14. 1:10:30 Dodsmaskin – Syndrom
15. 1:17:05 Fear-Modern-Man – Nightmare Death Syndrome
16. 1:22:50 In Slaughter Natives – 113th Scar
17. 1:28:10 Analfabetism – Vi Resere Nu En Grav
18. 1:34:50 Aegri Somnia – Endtime Psalms
19. 1:40:15 Aderlating – The Sword of Christ
20. 1:47:05 Ex. Order – Skillful Killing

Photo: Dominic Alves (used under CC without photographer’s endorsement)

Marty Page Mix – Inspired by Martin Bladh’s new book

This mix was inspired by the new book Marty Page by Martin Bladh, known for his work in IRM, Skin Area, Infinity Land Press, and more. This is probably the craziest mix I’ve ever crafted. There are some incredibly varied musical styles presented here, but they all follow the same theme and (I think) they came together beautifully! Most of this music either includes Martin Bladh or was mentioned in the Marty Page book specifically. A few other were added to round out the atmospherics.

You can read the review of the book here.

You can find more information about Martin Bladh on

You can purchase Marty Page and other books from Amphetamine Sulphate on

Cover photo: Rembrandt – “The Blinding of Samson” (1636)

01. 0:00:00 Martin Bladh – Cord 4
02. 0:05:10 Nick Drake – Day is Done
03. 0:07:35 IRM – Closure IX
04. 0:15:15 Nico – Evening of Light
05. 0:20:40 Council of Nine – Exit Statements
06. 0:27:05 Scott Walker – It’s Raining Today
07. 0:30:40 IRM – Closure II
08. 0:36:10 Franz Schubert – Impromptu No. 4
09. 0:44:55 Jarl – Trauma – Part 3
10. 0:52:40 Senketsu No Night Club – Aokigahara Jukai
11. 0:56:50 IRM – Order¹
12. 1:08:45 Howard Shore – Suicide from Dead Ringers OST
13. 1:13:30 Martin Bladh – Study for a Theatre of Cruelty II
14. 1:18:25 Murderous Vision – Voided
15. 1:23:45 Martin Bladh & Bo I. Cavefors – Epilogue

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