The second mix in our “Guest Sessions” series for is prepared by Miljenko Rajakovic, the dark ambient and electronic veteran known for his projects TeHÔM and Principia Audiomatica. This mix is extra special for me because a previous mix done by Miljenko Rajakovic for the Wounds of the Earth zine made a huge impact on me, it was a big inspiration and a catalyst for me starting to create mixes. On this new mix, Rajakovic takes us on a dark and twisted journey through the many varied soundscapes of dark ambient & post-industrial. There are some well known musicians include, and some others that are up & coming in the post industrial world. I hope you will enjoy this mix as much as I have, and please look into the latest releases by this highly talented musician! Below the player you can find the full set-list with links to each album!

01. T.A.G.C. – Sunset Eyes Through Water
02. Principia Audiomatica – Closed Thermodynamic System
03. Northaunt – Blood Trail
04. Karjalan sissit – …Ja Verkkaritkin Haisee Koskenkorvalle
05. Svartsinn – September Dirge (Alternate Mix)
06. Atrium Carceri – The Traitor
07. Raison d’être – The Hidden Hallows
08. New Risen Throne – Loneliness
09. Dead World Echo – Cries and Whispers
10. Lustmord Vs Metal Beast – Broadcast Frequencies Converge
11. Test Dept. & Brith Gof – Truan Yw Gennyffi
12. TeHÔM – The Realm Of Dark Senses
13. Mother Tongue (Andrew McKenzie & ZE’V) – The Humble Man
14. Herbst9 Vs Penjaga Insaf – Agung
15. Sysselmann – Coastal Fairway Northbound
16. Heilung – Krigsgaldr
17. Coil – Going Up