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Nicolas Dupont – Reviewer

Name: Nicolas Dupont
Location: Auchel, Pas-de-Calais, France
Languages: French, English, Spanish
Contact: ,
Social Media Profiles: Facebook
Outside projects:
Vocalist / stentor for WWMM [no internet link so far, no release yet]

Maxwell Heilman – Reviewer

Name: Maxwell Heilman
Location: Long Beach, California, USA
Languages: English
Contact: ,
Social Media Profiles: FacebookTwitterInstagramBandcamp
Outside projects:

Przemyslaw Murzyn – Reviewer

Name: Przemyslaw Murzyn
Location: Katowice, Poland
Languages: English, Polish
Social Media Profiles: Facebook
Outside projects:
Santa Sangre Magazine
Embers Below Zero: Bandcamp, Facebook

Michael Barnett – Owner & Senior Editor

Name: Michael Barnett
Location: Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Languages: English, Latin, Ancient Greek
Contact: ,
Social Media Profiles:
PatreonFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, Steam, Youtube, VK, Bandcamp
Outside projects:
Vocalist / Photographer for Fear-Modern-Man: Facebook, Bandcamp
Photography / Photo-manipulation for Opuscula Obscura: Facebook
Physical materials for review consideration can be sent to This Is Darkness headquarters at:

9100 Blues Alley
Apt. G
Laurel, Maryland 20723 USA

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