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Frozen In Time: Weekly News 24 July 2017

To start off the week, I’d like to mention another friendly reminder (since we haven’t made any recent progress on this front) that This Is Darkness is run by a disabled individual severely lacking in the funds department. So any help that could be given through Patreon, here, or through a one time donation (at the bottom of the page press the donate button) would be extremely helpful. If you think these weekly news updates are essential to the scene, please consider supporting the zine.

With that business out of the way, we have a ton of new releases this week to cover. You will also find a good bit of ongoing sales from some of the leading dark ambient labels, so now is the time to get some music!

In the last week on This Is Darkness, we’ve released the ‘Dark Ambient Classics Mix’, as well as reviewed the latest albums by Pär Boström’s new project Bonini Bulga, Council of Nine’s latest opus and a retro-review of an old Vond album, a side-project of Mortiis from the late 90s.

Enjoy! May the darkness forever guide your paths!

Music Videos

Creation VI
Fresh off the release of his latest album, Deus Sive Natura, on Cryo Chamber, CreationVI has released a music video for one of the album’s tracks, “Cycles of Life”.

New Releases and Preorders

Ajna – New Track Released (Digital Only)
After his recent collaboration with Dronny Darko, Black Monolith released on Reverse Alignment, Ajna has released a new track which likely gives some preview of his next album, though not explicitly stated as such.

Andrew R. Grant – New Project / Album Released (Digital Only)
“I’ve decided to take this whole ‘trying to freelance as much as possible’ thing a little more seriously, so I created a new Bandcamp page for my solo work that doesn’t fit under The Vomit Arsonist. The header for the page says ‘dark ambient sound design & scoring’ and that’s exactly what this is: a score to a film that does not exist, though I do hope to shoot it. I also have several other similar releases that are finished, although I’d like to work on physical releases for those, but that’s a different discussion..
I have no hopes of getting any kind of soundtrack work from this one single page, but I needed a place to put this stuff. If you like it and want to buy it, that’s cool. I’m not asking you to, though. it’s short.
So.. yeah. I make creepy weirdo sounds and I want to put them in your movie or video game or radio play or podcast or whatever. really.”

A Bleeding Star – New Single Released (Digital Only)
By now frequent readers should know what to expect from the dark ambient project A Bleeding Star which has been on a pattern of weekly single releases. While I generally don’t like to entertain weekly output from single artists, these singles are short tracks which, in my opinion, are given enough time to be properly created before release.
“Violin’s In Season: Crestfallen?.?.?.?I’m Headin’ to My Final Destination?.?.?.?Go Enjoy thy Freedom”

Kristian Westergaard – New Track Released (Digital Only)
“Kristian Westergaard is a Danish composer and sound artist living in Barcelona, Spain working in electronic music. Westergaard’s music is constantly searching and evolving but with great sense of direction, with a physicality only possible to achieve with a sensitive instrument and a sensitive player.”

Liturgia Maleficarum – New Track Released (Digital Only)
“New track from upcoming release. Recorded in one night in June 2017. Liturgia Maleficarum is the sountrack of the most hideous nightmares of your subconscious. ‘Sinite Parvulos Venire Ad Me” is a new track from their upcoming album.”

Nocht – New Album Released (Digital Only)
Seattle based dungeon synth / black ambient artist Noct releases his latest album, Lore of Sorrow.

protoU & Hilyard – Preorder Available (Cryo Chamber – CD/Digital)
Alpine Respire immerses you in field recordings from two continents. Warm drone contrasts raindrops and the call of animals in the wild. This damp album invites you to explore the unreachable corners of the Earth. From the harshest mountains to the darkest forests. Recommended for fans of Field Recording and slowly progressing drone. Available in 24 bit. Releases July 25, 2017.”

Sombre Soniks – New Album Released (Digital Only)
“Sombre Soniks is proud to present thee full performances from ‘Thee Sakrament IV’ event that took part on thee 15th June 2017 at Haunt in Stoke Newington, London. It featured a Drone set from raxil4, a live performance of thee recent ‘Fault Line’ release from Guy Harries and a full Blood Ritual from Akoustik Timbre Frekuency. Harmergeddon also took part providing bakground Visuals for raxil4 and Guy Harries.
Thee release also inkludes a pdf booklet with info for each of thee Artists involved and photos from thee event itself!”

Shelter of Trees – New Track Released (Digital Only)
“An Unholy Breach” uses sub-bass drones and daemoniac field recordings to create an atmosphere steeped in darkness swirling with an aura of evil energies.

sp3ct3rs – New Album Released (Digital Only)
“pulled those three large meditative medicative tracks into an album which is now released for pay what you like. thank you all for your support”
“a triptych of medicative meditative pieces designed around granular synthesis…”

The Wyrm – Preorder Available (GH Records – CD/Digital)
“These invocations to the old powers were described as a pact with the Devil, when the truth is that the demons of a religion are always the gods of its predecessor.
After nearly two thousand years of papist rule, the ancestral gods began to resurface. In Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Britain … there were many who wanted to turn a blind eye to their traditions, recovering the promethean essence of Europe.”

Urals Vector Plant – New EP released (Human Lessons – Digital Only)
This album is the first dark ambient works by Japan based Human Lessons. Deep drones and mesmerizing field recordings create an interesting and engaging atmosphere for the listener.

Urs Wild – New Album Released (Eighth Tower Records – Digital Only)
“Urs Wild is a musician and sound designer from Switzerland working on multiple ambient music declinations. Hidden Universe is his first full length album, and it’s the first individual release of Eighth Tower Records. The Urs Wild ambient music is fluid and cinematic. His eidetic textures tell us a story that is never really unveiled, but at the boundaries of an abstract consciousness of something we barely perceive. Something that is confined into a hidden universe. A dark minimalism, crossed by ‘gentle’ noise and oblique synth passages, that explores the territories of space, ritual and dark ambient.”

Waeltaja – Preorder Available (GSP Productions – CD/Digital)
This interesting new dark ambient / dungeon synth album releases on 1 Aug 2017.


Cryo Chamber
“In this weeks sale we are focusing on two artists that have each released 2 albums on Cryo Chamber. Keosz and Randal Collier-Ford Save 50% on their digital downloads here.

Loki Foundation / Power & Steel
25 % off all titles!
Use code: 25daysLOKI
16/07/2017 – 10/08/2017
Check out their discography here.

The Rosenshoul
50% off all albums on Bandcamp
“Leading up to the release of the new album from The Rosenshoul next month we’ll be offering the albums Hidden Field, Low Winter Sun (Deluxe Edition) and Yokai at 50% off! That’s only $3.50 USD per album or $5.25 USD for the full discography!”
Check out their discography here.

Worms of the Earth [New Interview Coming Soon On This Is Darkness!!!]
“Myself and, as it is intrinsically linked, this project are in the midst of a major rebirth, always moving towards a more ascended state. It’s been a long journey through the darkness, but the path is becoming illuminated. I’m working on some big things for the fall and beyond. In the meantime, I’m having a sale on my two ritual ambient albums Sitra Achra and Azal’ucel. Use the code “rebirth” here for 40% off either or both of these albums!!”

This Is Darkness Week In Review

Dark Ambient Classics Mix
This mix features some of the greatest tracks throughout the history of the dark ambient genre. It contains a who’s who of several decades worth of post-industrial music as it evolved into what we know today as dark ambient. The mix was created by Przemyslaw Murzyn, who is currently the only other contributor to This Is Darkness. Przemyslaw has a fantastic resume in the dark ambient scene, as he’s been publishing dark ambient news and reviews on his website Santa Sangre for years. He is also an artist himself in the dark ambient project Embers Below Zero. I hope you will all enjoy his mix!
Listen here.

Bonini Bulga – Sealed
It seems that the coming years will be ripe with output from Hypnagoga Press. Whether this will continue to be the sole production base for the siblings, Pär and Åsa, or if some of these other locations hold introductions to new partnerships and collaborative output is anybody’s guess. But, if we consider what we have already seen as an indicator, we are in for one hell of a collection of works.
Read the full review here.

Council of Nine – Trinity
Trinity is obviously the last part of a three album sequence. It is a closure to everything that Council of Nine has done within his three solo releases. This leaves a big question mark for listeners as to what will come next. Trinity being the most personal of these three releases it seems quite possible that we will now move into some territory that is much less connected to the artist’s personal life and more aligned with his external interests. Trinity can be seen as the closure to his period as a new artist. What comes next will come from a musician that has honed their skills for several years, and is prepared to deliver their craft with a purpose and mastery that can only come from a veteran artist. For now we have plenty of great Council of Nine music to keep us entertained, and we can patiently wait to see where this artist will direct his attention next.
Read full review here.

Vond – Green Eyed Demon
For long-time fans of Mortiis, there will be nothing new here aside from the beautifully crafted re-release editions. But, for newer fans, just recently discovering his older phases and side-projects, Green Eyed Demon, as well as the other Vond albums, should be a delightful discovery. Vond definitely shows off a side of Mortiis’ talents that should be highly attractive to fans of dark ambient music. Its gritty production is a reminder of the old days of the dark ambient genre, back before everything could be done with a computer and midi controller. It’s also a reminder of the varied nature of Mortiis‘ interests. I would love to see these old albums draw enough attention to maybe get Mortiis to consider opening the vaults of Vond for one more chapter.
Read the full review here.

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Frozen In Time: Weekly News 17 July 2017

This week’s edition of Frozen in Time is a bit short, as the summer is usually the slowest quarter of the year for music releases. However the albums that are available to share are certainly worth a listen and probably a purchase. This downtime will surely not last too long before all the major labels are back to their frequent release structure this fall. During this slower period I will be working on reviews for more albums ‘On The Periphery’ which have drawn my attention over the last few months, but have been previously pushed aside in order to cover more strictly dark ambient styled releases. Stay cool, enjoy your summer, and until next week, let the darkness consume your souls!

Music Videos

Ashtoreth – New Video Released
Tim Van der Schraelen has collaborated with Ashtoreth again for the music video to “Wani Yetu” off the recent album Morana released through Unexplained Sounds Group.

Eidulon – Teaser Video for Upcoming Album on Malignant
We first heard the works of Eidvlon several years back on their Malignant release Idolatriae, which you can listen to here. They are now back with their sophomore album which has some huge guest appearances that are mentioned in this teaser video.

New Releases and Preorders

Asath Reon – New Album Preorder (Black Mara – CD/Digital)
The debut by Asath Reon, Buried Visions, is something that I have been anticipating for a while now. The final product makes the wait worth while. Asath Reon finds a perfect home on Black Mara with their ritual dark ambient sounds which have been honed to perfection. A brilliant new album, that comes in a beautifully realized limited edition CD and hand-made leather book.

Giuseppe Falivene – New EP Preorder (Shimmering Moods – CD/Cassette/Digital)
“This work was born from the idea to propose a Drone\Ambient reinterpretation of 90’s feelings.
The sound created from this it’s like an unrestrainable flow of memories where the emotions re-emerging.
To make the idea of low, all the tracks starts and ends with a tape\vinyl noise, to make sure that the mix is continuous and endless like the flowing time.”

Noctivagant – New Compilation Released (Noctivagant – Digital Only)
The Collective III is the latest compilation from the Noctivagant label. This “name your price” release features an introduction to all the great artists they have to offer. Darkness meets ritual meets experimental on this label which releases music from a wide-variety of artists and yet they all seem to have a very central commonality. Recommended especially for anyone unfamiliar with Noctivagant.

Shelter of Trees – New Singles Released (Digital Only)
“A Sudden Sheltering” is the first release by Shelter of Trees. True to the project’s name, this track is a slightly dark mix of subtle dronework and crisp field recordings. The forest comes to life over this 7:25 track, taking listeners on a contemplative journey in their minds. Shelter of Trees is certainly worth following, with a single of this caliber we are likely to hear some great things for them in the near future.

Their second single was released several days later. “The Unwelcoming” takes us onto a more droning and much darker territory. As if we’ve wandered aimlessly through the forest, and now night is setting in, predators come out for the hunt.


Loki Foundation

They are currently running a sale of 25% off all their releases on Bandcamp! Now is the perfect time to pick up some of these classic dark ambient releases! View their releases here.

This Is Darkness Week In Review

Anima NostraAtraments
Atraments is far from my usual musical interests. In general, I’m not always a fan of the many varied works of Nordvargr. but I greatly enjoyed the aforementioned Körperwelten and obviously some of the works of Mz.412, so I gave this latest release an honest chance. My first impressions were a bit negative, again I’m not a huge fan of doom metal in particular. But, after the second and third playthroughs I started to really understand the project and slowly but surely fell in love with each track and the nuances and progressions that take place throughout the album. This is why I would never review an album without giving it numerous listens, first impressions can be misleading, some things, especially those that fall outside the usual genre boundaries, need time to make sense to the listener. At this point, I could say that I highly recommend Atraments to any fans of the varied output of Malignant Records. It seems that the variety of releases from the Malignant label all find their way of making sense within the frame-work of this one single album. There is the dark, the brooding, the beautiful, and the ugly, all making appearances on Atraments.”
Read the full review here.

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This Is Darkness has gone live with the help of friends and supporters. I have been disabled since 2015, due to a spinal injury. Any support that can be given is greatly appreciated. Donations will go toward the maintenance of this site as well as additional promotion to increase its reach and influence. You can help through the donate button below,  or follow this link to the This Is Darkness Patreon page here.


Frozen In Time: Weekly News 10 July 2017

This week’s edition of Frozen In Time is rather short on new dark ambient releases. We have the third album by Council of Nine unveils on Cryo Chamber, which is really the only major announcement of the week. But there are actually some really promising releases in the peripheral genres of ambient and neo-classical that I think many of you will find interesting and worth delving into. There are a good bit of albums on sale this week as well. As always you will find our latest reviews at the bottom of the page, along with your weekly reminder that helping This Is Darkness out through paypal donations or Patreon sponsorship is always appreciated and greatly helpful in keeping the zine up and running! Stay cool, and enjoy the week!

New Releases & Preorders

A Bleeding Star – New Single Released (Digital Only)
This week’s installment from A Bleeding Star takes us into a frozen landscape where gods and humans mingle amongst one another. As usual, A Bleeding Star delivers a very interesting and well thought out track. The fact that he is pumping out one of these every single week, as of yet, doesn’t seem to be making the final product suffer. Give “Witchcraft for Winter’s Broken Staff: Runic Synapse (Haegl Peorth Cen Feoh Ur Asa Tyr)” a try!

Council of Nine – New Album Available For Preorder (Cryo Chamber – CD/Digital)
Council of Nine returns with his third album on Cryo Chamber. Trinity is a touching, personal and enlightening album from Maximillian Olivier. In a genre where most keep their personal life to themselves, Maximillian opens his heart for all to see. “This is my catharsis. The many stages of grief and the acceptance of loss, deeply personal, unforgiving, cold and painful. This is the story of the greatest loss I have suffered, the death of my mother. This marks the end of a chapter and the closure I was desperately seeking.”
Blending atmospheric sound layering with a harmonic palette it drifts between dark and light. Walls of sound collide with echoing strums, drones wash over endless shores. Recommended for lovers of melancholic dark ambient.

Kelbach – New Album Released (Sparkwood Records – CD/Digital)
“The strong, underlying ambient theme of this EP evokes scenes from a nonexistent film, composed of memories of the northern Ohio shore. Recurrent melodies almost seem to be characters in each scene, arranged and played in ways that very effectively convey a wide range of human experience, from sadness and fear to daydreaming and falling in love.
Every single sound is emotionally charged in this intimate and moving seven-part love letter to the state of the buckeye trees and the heart of it all.”

Maiya Hershey – New Album Available For Preorder (Shimmering Moods Records – CD/Cassette/Digital)
“The water itself is the second collaborator on this fluid record because this music originated from the depth of the waters where life began to proliferate in an unfamiliar faraway land. This album is a fictional story that encompasses a new way of life manifesting in a creature that inherited all of human consciousness and memory. The music flow is an experience within itself inside this creature and all life within; for all things lost, and will be, belong to it entirely.” Releases 18 July 2017.

My Home, Sinking – New Album Available For Preorder (Infraction – Vinyl/CD/Digital)
King of Corns looks to be a very promising new album. The sounds are definitely more in line with neo-classical than dark ambient, but the atmospherics and mood should be welcome to fans of dark ambient. While the words neo-classical can often be used ad-nauseum to describe anything with a bit of piano or violin, this album promises to be the real deal with eight classical musicians coming together to constructive a brilliantly layered and emotive set of soundscapes. I’ve only heard the two preview tracks so far, but I can already say I would highly recommend this release. Official release date is 16 September 2017.

Poemme – New Album Available for Preorder (Polar Seas Recordings – CD/Digital)
“This collection of songs was composed specifically for sleep and reflects my memories of winters growing up in Cleveland… The endless gray skies, the magic of a fresh blanket of snow, and more wonder still once Lake Erie transforms into a vast, frozen desert. The scene takes place at my favorite lakeside park, with a pale sky above and waves of solid ice below. All is silent but for a flock of geese in the distance, making its way to warmer land..”

Strange Fog – New EP Released (Divergent Series – Cassette/Digital)
I’m not familiar with this artist, but upon listening I was immediately drawn into the sounds. Only about 13 minutes total, but definitely worth the time!
“Beautiful modular sounds and field recordings dance together in a beautiful mix of immersive admixtures. Limited to 50 cassettes. Green and white cover variants…specify which color you’d like when you order!”

Sum Spiræ – New Album Available For Preorder (D.M.T. Records – Digital Only)
Translated from the original French: “From one course to another, from one universe to another, utopia seems to reign in the mortal through ideals created by the coded thought (mother tongue). The paradox exists within the verbal consciousness itself. By this second alchemical treaty, Samuel presents 9 pieces named by his own mother tongue while being channeled by the inception of his personal journey. Musicality, expression, astral travel (…) listening to these nine creations in a single line, you are connected to the language of the birds that belongs to Sum Spiræ.”

Sales & Discounts

Cryo Chamber
Ugasanie Digital Albums are on a 50% Discount

Ugasanie – White Silence $3.50
Ugasanie paints us a grim, cold and bleak landscape of dark ambient with this chilling album from the heart of Belarus. Careful layering of subtle pads with the frosty overlays of field recordings makes for a truly special soundscape that speaks to the core of unsheltered humanity.

Ugasanie – Call of the North $3.50
This album takes us even further north to explore the concept of the unusual and mysterious phenomenon known as arctic hysteria (also known as menerik and the call of the North Star). It manifests itself only in the polar night, and only when the northern lights shine. Man, as if under hypnosis journeys north. In this state of trance he is almost impossible to stop, he becomes aggressive, sings a song, mumbles, experience hallucinations and persistently continues towards the polar star.

Ugasanie – Eye of Tunguska $3.50
A strange incident took place in the 1990s in late autumn in the taiga. Not far from the epicenter of the Tunguska meteorite impact site. A group of students went hiking to to see this legendary site. They lost their way after they decided to spend the night in one of the winter huts built by hunters of the land. Their mutilated bodies were later found near an old abandoned geological base with radiation burns. Ugasanie explores this incident together with photographer Alexsandr Yakushev in this eerily cold and unforgiving dark ambient release.

Ugasanie – Border of Worlds $3.50
The Nenets, Tungus, Eveneki, Yakut share many beliefs and in the center stands the shaman. We follow him through his inner journey while tackling shaman’s disease. Clouded consciousness and hysterical stupor clear signs of the Amanita Mushroom. His sweat covered body feverish while pulled to the lower world of spirit. Here his weathered body cut and torn to pieces by the spirits who cook and devour it. Meanwhile in the dim lit hut the shamans body starts bruising while the tribe watches over him. Reborn, the Shaman awakens, granted powers to traverse between worlds. With the gift to cure his tribe of sickness, to control animals and commune with the spirits.

Flowers For Bodysnatchers
50% off all albums.

Infinity Land Press
Summer Sale – 20% off selected books!

Darkleaks – The Ripper Genome
by Jeremy Reed & Martin Bladh
Foreword by Stephen Barber
WAS £25 / NOW £19

Alien Existence
by Philip Best
WAS £55 / NOW £44

by Michael Salerno
Standard edition
WAS £35 / NOW £28

The Void Ratio
By Shane Levene & Karolina Urbaniak
WAS £20 / NOW £16

GONE – SCRAPBOOK 80′ – 82′
by Dennis Cooper
WAS £35 / NOW £28

This Is Darkness Week In Review

Bleach For The Stars – The Time For Silver Flowers
“The Time For Silver Flowers is a highly enjoyable album, which can be returned to time and again. The analog elements do not seem as mechanical and lifeless herein as is so often the case with albums fully dedicated to this format. This is a perfect place to start for those unfamiliar with Cromlech Records. For those already familiar with the label, there should be minimal criticism of this latest release to be found. In sound execution as well as packaging, Cromlech Records have done justice to the vision of Benjamin Power. I will certainly be paying attention to whatever comes next for Cromlech and/or Bleach for The Stars.”
Read the full review here.

Shibalba – Psychostasis – Death of Khat
“Psychostasis – Death of Khat clearly shifts from much of the previous Shibalba catalog into totally new territory. Their move to a label focusing on rock and metal acts seems to fit their shift in style. Yet, they still manage to retain the energy and mysticism that made Memphitic Invocations and Samsara so successful. They will surely attract a whole new crowd of listeners to their sounds. While, from my perspective, they shouldn’t alienate their oldest and most dedicated supporters that followed Shibalba from its birth. I would recommend Psychostasis – Death of Khat to any previous fans of Shibalba. I also think there is a big enough shift in their sound to attract readers whom may not have previously found Shibalba to be their thing. Whether they will stay the course with this new style, return to their previous frameworks or evolve yet again into something wholly new for their next release will be any one’s guess. In the meantime, Psychostasis – Death of Khat should give us plenty to enjoy for the foreseeable future.”
Read the full review here.

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Frozen In Time: Weekly News 4 July 2017

There are a ton of new releases this week. Probably half of which are lesser known projects released in the ‘name your price’ format. So it’s a perfect time to branch out and find some new music to complement your summer. I’ll be separating these releases into two categories: the first will be the usual dark ambient releases, the second will be ‘On the Periphery’ releases which aren’t particularly dark ambient but I have deemed them to be of interest to dark ambient listeners. I’d love to hear your feedback on the latter, so I can get a gauge of how interesting these things are to This Is Darkness’ readers. As a friendly reminder, there is a Patreon account now for This Is Darkness and we could really use any support that our dedicated readers could offer. You can become a patron here. I hope everyone in the northern hemisphere is having a great summer, and those of you down south… I’m jealous!

Music Videos

Josco & Spheruleus – New Video for “Samila”
Check out the full album, available for pre-orders here.

New Releases & Preorders

A Bleeding Star – New Single Released (Digital Only)
“Hex’d Complex to tell ‘Vhat’s Spinnin’ ‘Round My Head​.​.​.​So Here’s How It Sounds Instead” is the latest track by A Bleeding Star whom appears to be releasing weekly tracks at this point. “name your price” so give it a try!

Alio Die & Aglaia – New Album
“Since the late 80s, Stefano Musso has recorded deep, evocative experimental ambient & electro-acoustic soundscapes under the name Alio Die.
His music is a shadowy, cavernous, intensely detailed fusion of acoustical elements, step-and-repeat sample treatments, sparse, echoing percussion, and deep, atmospheric sound design, textural the music’s vague, entropic formlessness.”

b°tong – Two New Albums Available For Preorder (Reverse Alignment – CD/Digital)
Reverse Alignment says about the project, “Since getting to know Chris Sigdell from a distance in 2010, sending the label a promo copy of The Great Disintegrator, and onwards recognising the release of his project b°tong ‎ through labels such as Attenuation Circuit, Greytone and Silken Tofu, we met up in the flesh in 2016. Since then the label invited him to master last years releases from Ajna, Valanx and Dronny Darko and now releases his project b°tong’s two new albums Monastic and The Long Journey.

Haft Teppeh – New Album Streaming On Bandcamp (Stream Only)
Yume is the debut album by Haft Teppeh. Haft Teppeh says of the project, “Dark ambient for those addicted to the dreamworld. Influences from Kammarheit, Atrium Carceri, Raison d’etre, Axis of Perdition”

Halgrath – New Single Released
“Air Meditation” “In the Mountain valley you can feel the wind of southern sea… here, above the world all your thoughts are opened for memorizing previous lives, where you was someone else. You know the depts of disappointment, you’ve been in most crytical troubles.
Now you know, that sun light is setting you free from the old pain and opens the gate for the new air.”

IMPERIVM LVCIFERI – New Album Release (Deivlforst – CD/Digital)
Imperivm Lvciferi is the debut release by this mysterious dark/drone ambient project which could be most closely compared to the 90s project, Neptune Towers. It’s quite an interesting album, find out more about it on my review here.

Leonard Donat – New Album Released (Blackjack Illuminist Records – CD/Cassette/Digital)
Deer Traps is a nice blend of meditative drones, neo-classical, and dark ambient.

Of Flesh & Mashines – New Single Released (Digital Only)
“Deprivation” is a nice blend of classical piano and dark ambient leaning experimental sounds. Its a truly interesting and unique track, released on Bandcamp as “name your price”, so give it a try!

Rapoon – New Live Sleep Album Released
Disambiguation (sleepy dreamy nighty snoozy) is part of Rapoon’s performance at Avantgarde Festival Schiphorst from June of 2017.

TUSEN AR UNDER JORDsandhavens genklang – LP [Verlautbarung]
Despite the perhaps obvious nod and reference to some of Muslimgauze’s more atmospheric excursions this new work of Tusen Ar Under Jord holds a different character, like the one of a lone wandering explorer setting up his recording equipment a little wherever necessary. The grainy picture is still at hand but focus has turned to spiritual elevation instead of grey introspection. Tablas churn, smokescreens come and go, as the carpets are rolled out on the shifting sands. Total recommendation! In thick disco sleeve with contemporary packaging.

Unexplained Sounds Group – New Compilation Released (Digital Only)
“Frontiers: the limit of knowledge or the most advanced achievement in a particular field, or an outer limit in a field of endeavor, especially one in which the opportunities for research and development have not been exploited. Difficult to say when, in the musical aesthetics field, we can apply that definition. Certainly it’s always an arbitrary and limited choice. By all means I tried to collect a group of musicians and sound designers who make a great effort into stretching the electronic and electro-acoustic music possibilities, searching for new expression paths, mostly indifferent to music trends. They come from Sweden, US, Canada, Italy, France, Japan, Belgium, Scotland, Germany, and some of them are well known to the Unexplained Sounds network followers. Others are recent discoveries from the underground experimental electronic scene. All united by the same passion to explore the frontiers of unknown and possible musics.”

News ‘On The Periphery’ 

.cut feat. Gibet – New EP Released (attenuation circuit – Digital Only)
3 is thhe latest release on the attenuation circuit label. The sounds here are a bit experimental, but certainly dark and brooding. “name your price” on Bandcamp.

Cosmic Canyon – New Single Released (The Eagle Stone Collective – Digital Only)
“Droning 28948” is a three track single which delves into styles like drone/ambient/dark-ambient/americana just to name a few. There should definitely be some things to enjoy about this from fans of dark ambient, though I wouldn’t fully place it in that category. “name your price” so it can’t hurt to give it a try!

Effluvium & Blood Tower – New Split EP Released
This split is a nice combination of genres. There are obvious influences from dark ambient, dungeon synth, black metal & neo-classical featured on this album. The digital album is available now on their bandcamp site for only $1 and they will be selling any remaining CDs there as well, if they do not sell out on the Effluvium summer tour.

THE HOLY CIRCLE – New Music Video
“Paris” (Dir. Danielle Damico)
Official Video for Baltimore synthpop/shoegaze trio THE HOLY CIRCLE. Directed by DANIELLE DAMICO. Buy the physical of their new album on Annihilvs Power Electronix here. Or you can preview and purchase the digital album here.

Toàn – Preorders Available For New Album (eilean rec. – CD/Digital)
Toàn is a French electronic musician based in Britain. As a beatmaker, he has produced several albums mixing jazz and hip hop influences under the pseudonym of Qiwu Selftet. Toàn is now focuses on freer musical forms, close to ambient and modern classical.
Without using any synths, Histós Lusis is entirely composed by samples found on old records, live instruments and field recordings.

Tunguska Electronic Music Society – New Compilation Released (Digital Only)
You will find on this release a wide range of sounds like ambient/dark-ambient/chill-out/downtempo all of which make for a nice relaxing experience. Released as “name your price” is it’s a good time to get to know this label. “The community named “Tunguska Electronic Music Society” was created by several musicians and composers on the threshold of centenary of the Tunguska phenomenal catastrophe, in order to capture the public attention to such an extraordinary event.
The musical component in the work of community is the melodious instrumental and electronic music.”

Other News

The APPARITIONS series of performances by M. Kardinal & Monocube has released two videos of their last performance here. Using analog equipment to produce audio and visual art which complement one another M. Kardinal & Monocube have created a very interesting and creative series of A/V experiences. Check back to this page often to see more of their work as it becomes available.
There will be an upcoming performance @ Spektrum in Berlin on 07/07/17.

Flowers For Bodysnatchers has taken part in the latest horror short from CryptTV. The Thing In The Apartment: Chapter II stars Ashlynn Yennie and Michael Marinaccio. Music is produced by Flowers For Bodysnatchers. Cinematography by Oliver Young. Produced by Jon Judelson. Special creature effects by Vincent Guastini. Written and directed by John William Ross. You can see the first chapter of this short here.

Annihilvs Power Electronix – Latest Newsletter
Keep up to date on the latest happenings with APEX. They’ve recently started moving in high gear and have a lot of announcements for upcoming releases and live shows. Read the newsletter here.

This Is Darkness Week In Review

A Lovecraftian Video Game
This is the first game review on This Is Darkness. Conarium is available on PC, Xbox One and PS4. Conarium doesn’t rely so heavily on the Lovecraft lore that players unfamiliar with his work would feel lost. The developers did a good job of building relevant Lovecraft references into the story in a way that felt natural. However, as a huge fan of H.P. Lovecraft and having read just about every story he’s written or revised at this point, I found the more subtle references to his works really added to my enjoyment of and immersion in the game. With this in mind, I would highly recommend Conarium to any gamers that enjoy reasonably complicated puzzle games and have a true passion for the works of H.P. Lovecraft. There are enough adventure elements and varied locations to hold the interest of those of us whom grow bored reasonably quickly without constantly stimulating content. It really seems that Zoetrope took all their experience with their previous games and built upon it, bringing their work closer to perfection. Instead of diving into some unknown game style, a habit of many companies, which often leaves their inexperience obvious for all to see, and can ultimately destroy the immersion and render the game-play lacking in depth, cohesion and/or playability. I hope to see more similarly styled games from Zoetrope in the future. They are certainly on the right track.
Check out the full review here.

IMPERIVM LVCIFERI is, unsurprisingly, another brilliant success for Deivlforst Records. Yet one more solid piece of work to add to their already illustrious catalog of releases. In just a few years they have solidified their position at the forefront among dungeon synth labels and they seem to subtly underline continuously that they are not limited to this genre alone, but instead occasionally make side-steps to other genres, while picking only very interesting albums for these. With IMPERIVM LVCIFERI Deivlforst again continue to slowly expand outside the confines of dungeon synth. Their fan-base is likely to grow even further with this release. As the label continues progressing into another year of existence, divining what will come next proves ever more complicated, but definitely makes us eager to hear.
Read the full review here.

Vladimír Hirsch – Scripta Soli
Vladimír Hirsch is certainly a man of many hats. His musical interests and ventures are almost too many to count. Yet, when he sets his mind to focus strictly upon dark ambient, he proves to be one of the greats. Scripta Soli is able to stand confidently along side some of the most memorable albums of the genre. His array of techniques and styles make Scripta Soli an attractive release for those just discovering the genre as well as those whom followed it for decades. Any discerning fan of the genre certainly needs to experience this release, there should be very few fans to view this release in a negative light.
Read the full review here.

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Frozen In Time: Weekly News 26 June 2017

This week’s edition of Frozen In Time has a number of new releases to announce. There are also some interesting music videos from Ashtoreth and Evil Sex Party. Of extra special mention is the latest track by Halgrath, which will hopefully be a sign of more to come. As usual you can find at the bottom of the article the latest reviews, interviews and mixes posted on This Is Darkness from the last week. Thanks for your continued support and I hope everyone’s week is going well!

Music Videos

Ashtoreth – New Videos Released
“Dawn Rite” music by Ashtoreth video by Tim van der Schraelen

“Closer Distance” music by Ashtoreth & Eye. Spirit. Eye. video by Tim van der Schraelen

Evil Sex Party – Found Footage

New Releases and Preorders

Asath Reon – Teaser Released (Black Mara)
Buried Visions is a teaser for the upcoming album by Asath Reon which will be released on Black Mara.

Bonini Bulga – New Album Released
”Beyond theophany and behind revelation, they arrived. Bonini and Bulga. An unlikely manifestation, of being and unbeing.
They stood there. They bowed and they bent the room they had entered.
Behind the Hierophant’s mask, Bonini, with the power to know, to shift and to unveil. The paths of hidden light and eclipses turning inward. A cowled head, overlooking thought.
Behind the mask of the Other, Bulga, with the power to create, to root and to merge. All shapes there to inhabit, all geometries there to unfold. A crowned head, overlooking process.
And they sang. Sealed as one.”

The Dale Cooper Quartet – New Album Released (Denovali – Digital / CD / Vinyl)
“The Dale Cooper Quartet & The Dictaphones are returning with their 4th album called Astrild Astrild. Like all of the previous albums, the band recorded the seven pieces at home in Britanny during several sessions between 2013 and 2016.
The characteristics of this full-length are classic drone soundscapes mixed with deep tone saxophone parts that became the band’s trademark since the release of their debut album in 2006. Slowly paced, the new tracks are following the Quartet’s basic structure and classical sound. Apart from that the new full length conceals more live takes including guitars, bass and Rhodes keys and even piano sounds are haunting for the first time at the end of ‘Ocho Acenteur’. With these new elements the songs of Astrild Astrild are pushed further into a large tunnel of deafening rhythmic parts and field ambient textures.
Vocals are a major element of the Dale Cooper Quartet & The Dictaphones’ DNA since the second album Metamanoir (2011). Sometimes breathy, sometimes deep and often mysterious, Ronan MacErlaine, Gaëlle Kerrien and Zalie Bellacicco voices appear in the corners of the songs as ghostly figures or eerie characters.
The new album Astrild Astrild is a glimpse of the present live sound of the Dale Cooper Quartet: 50’s crooners singers, noisy guitars, atmospheric electronic and hypnotic jazz. All of these elements painted in monochrome black.”

Dawn Tuesday – New EP Released (Digital Only)
Moons of Jupiter is a long form space ambient piece by Dawn Tuesday. The sounds are as calming as they are remote and stellar. Great music for times when the brain needs a bit of rest.

Evil Sex Party – Album Released (Digital Only)
E.S.P. is what appears to be a long lost album from the early 90s. Information on the project is a bit cryptic and we must put the pieces together ourselves to fully understand what is happening here.

Halgrath – New Single Released (Digital Only)
“Mi Ashera” is the latest release by Halgrath. Anyone familiar with the Halgrath debut on Cold Meat Industry or her subsequent two albums on Cryo Chamber should be extremely excited to see some life from this project which has been dormant for the last few years. We can only hope that there will be a full album to follow in the relatively near future!
“The Pray to the Goddess, says about union of human and divine force. Let it go inside you.”

Harrogat – New Album Released (Digital Only)
Galeria is the debut album by Harrogat. The six tracks come in at exactly ten minutes each. Harrogat incorporates a nice combination of dronework, field recordings and vocals to build an album that seems to be telling us a story about the fall and return of a lost knight. Definitely worth checking out.

Intersonic Subformation – New Album Released (Lost Entity – Digital Only)
Space Project at Earth’s End is the first release on Lost Entity a space ambient label run by Last Day Deaf. The album is well prepared and can give us an idea of the many things to come from this new venture.

Jinthra – New Single Released (Digital Only)
Jinthra is solo project from Jindrich S. (Druhá Smrt, A Most Accursed). “Autarkia” is a premonition of the album (part of…), which will be released by Sombre Soniks Studios.

Kaa – New Album Released (Digital Only)
Tranquilla is an interesting combination of classical, dark jazz and dark ambient soundscapes. Kaa is a side project of the man behind Vortex, which last year released the brilliant album Moloch on Cyclic Law.

Marifa – New Album Released (ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ Records – Digital Only)
“The moon stays bright when it doesn’t avoid the night ~ Rumi
Qumrah – the beauty and the magical charm of the moonlight. Light, that unveils secrets of the night, still leaving everything untouched. A petal in the hand of God, eye of the nightsky, a blooming face of your beloved one…
In memory of Klaus Wiese (1942-2009), drone music pioneer and wise soul with exceptional feeling of Sound. ”

notnotice – New Album Released (Digital Only)
“The album Trasmutazione narrates the process of change in consciousness connected with spiritual experience. NotNotice uses a combination of noise with extended musical landscape in his tracks. Dark dreams allow you to see the colors. The combination of internal voices and whimsical looped melodies are introduced into trance… ”

Unsettled Dust – New Album Released
Return To The Nonexistence follows the November release of Formless Realm which was released on Black Mara. This latest self-released production is a gritty but beautiful dark drone ambient album which is certainly worth a listen.

Winterblood – New Album Released (Digital Only)
Foresta Incantata was recorded in 2016 with elementary analogue equipment. Inspired by an 8-bit videogame called ‘The Curse of Sherwood’, a survival horror game that I love so much still today. The lack of music of the game makes it almost eerie, and unsettling, and inspired me in making something strange that may fits with the atmosphere. Originally recorded directly on tape with no effects, now converted in digital by tape-deck to Tascam Dr-40 recorder, with few reverb added. All sounds very strange, and illogical… The thing I love of the 8-bit tunes and games is that unhuman atmosphere, that modern ones can’t reach. We need to escape while playing, not to recreate the same world. Enjoy!”

Other News

Father Dagon Podcast
Father Dagon – S01E06 – Vincent Abbott

Thomas Park Essay
“A Machine Music Manifesto” by Thomas Park

This is Darkness Week In Review

Cadabra RecordsThe Muse Of Hyperborea by Clark Ashton Smith
The Muse of Hyperborea, being a collection of totally separate and diverse poems, gave Theologian the freedom to focus wholly on atmosphere and emotion, and less on complementing a narrative. This often leads his sounds into eerie, other-worldly and down-right hypnotic territory. Some of the musical pieces will extend across several poems, slowly building and oscillating upon their foundations. Others will bring a specific mood to a given poem, taking its cues from the delivery of S.T. Joshi.”
Read the full review here.

God Body DisconnectSleeper’s Fate
“God Body Disconnect proves once again that they are producing cinematic dark ambient of the highest order. There are really few narratives out there that hit the mark so profoundly in so many different ways. So now the narrative has doubled. The story has given us quite a bit more to experience and enjoy. Sleeper’s Fate takes none of the allure away from Dredge Portals, while simultaneously proving that another year within the dark ambient scene, meeting and learning from his fellow label-mates at Cryo Chamber, has driven his craft to new heights. By this time next year, its hard to tell what sort of masterpiece Moallem will have constructed.”
Read the full review here.

Hoarfrost – Interview
Previously published on Terra Relicta in 2016.
“I caught up with Rafał Kopeć, the main artist behind Hoarfrost to ask him some questions about Anima Mundi and the history of his dark ambient project.”
Read the full interview here.

Near Eastern Dark Ambient Mix
Dark ambient mix using the near east as its theme. Tracks take listeners from the pyramids of Giza to Jerusalem to the ancient city of Damascus. Curated and mixed by Michael Barnett.
Listen to the mix here.

X-Navi:Et Machina Nova
“A tribal feeling is present here and there as it is Rafał’s trademark, just like this “neoprimitiveness”, a certain idea around which all Rafał’s projects are built. Like in the amazing “E System X” piece. On the other hand, you’ll get a jazzy trumpet in “Machina”. So… expect a mix of organic and electric, the ancient and the modern. And the unexpected.”
Read the full review here.

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Frozen In Time: Weekly News 19 June 2017

On this weeks edition of Frozen In Time you will find a few teasers that I have been highly anticipating. There is a nice variety of artists announcing or releasing new albums, I have included several upcoming Cadabra Records releases which I highly recommend if you are even remotely interested in spoken word art. Previously released interviews from Terra Relicta are continuing to be re-published here on This Is Darkness by the grace of Terra Relicta’s boss-man Tomaz, so another thank you to him for allowing the re-publication of these.

A correction from a review last week is in order: Svartsinn – Collected Obscurities is a joint release between Old Captain and Cyclic Law. I initially only credited Cyclic Law as the release label. You can find a link to that review and the rest of our weekly publications at the bottom of this article.

Wishing everyone a great week and I hope you will enjoy this weeks segment!

New Releases and Pre-orders

A Bleeding Star – New Single Released
Their (apparently) weekly single has just been released. Check out “It Never Ends​.​.​.​So Hence Comes Again Haegl’s Resurgence With the Crone’s Bonechillin’ Presence”. It is ‘name your price’ so no excuses!

Altarmang – LP Released
Altarmang, which consists of Kenneth Hansson and Pär Boström of (Kammarheit and Hymnambulae) have just released the LP version of their debut album Void, which was previously released on tape in a very limited number of copies. Void is now available on vinyl through Autarkeia here. Here is the teaser video for the LP!

Aura Negativ – New Album Revealed
Oddity Moon is the latest by Aura Negative. The space ambient album is due for release on Obscure Dungeon Records in July.

Bonini Bulga – Teaser Video Released
Bonini Bulga is the latest project unveiled by Hypnagoga Press. Sealed consist of bleak, minimalistic music made by Pär Boström (of Kammarheit and Cities Last Broadcast fame), using synthesizers, effect pedals and loops. The physical cassette is only included in The Solar Zine, issue 3. Receive a digital copy of the The Solar Zine for free on the day of the release – by signing up for their newsletter, The Lunar Letter, here.

Cadabra Records – New Album Announced
Cadabra Records is proud to introduce the ultimate audio adaption of H. P. Lovecraft‘s Fungi From Yuggoth. Masterfully ready by voice actor Andrew Leman are 36 sonnets of pure nightmare as only Lovecraft would write. Accompanied is a beautiful and haunting soundscape by Theologian who draws you into a dream world of horror and imagination. Fungi From Yuggoth, originally written between 1929 and 1930 and remains one of the most iconic and nightmarish collection of poems ever written.
Fungi From Yuggoth is read by Andrew Leman, a partner of the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society, a professional actor with years of stage, screen, and audio performances, his voice capturing the proper terror, dread, suspense, and madness of Lovecraft’s stories.

Cadabra Records – Pre-orders Available
The spoken/horror arts curators at Cadabra Records announce the label’s most ambitious project yet, with the upcoming release of ROBERT W. CHAMBERS’ The Yellow Sign, the cult classic which inspired the acclaimed HBO series, True Detective. The story has here been professionally recited by popular filmmaker and actor, Anthony D. P. Mann, the LP featuring extensive notes by weird fiction scholar S. T. Joshi, and a brilliant and haunting score by composer Maurizio Guarini, of Italian prog/horror ions, Goblin. Purchase here.

Cruithni – New Album Released
Chronicle goes back to the era of the ancient and mythic landscapes of pre-Christian Scotland where the mystic Pictish tribes and Druids reigned across a primitive homeland. To feel the primal pull of ancestors and the long forgotten DNA of tribal connections. A time when man lived in tune with the Earth and her cycles. A known reverence for the land was common and a natural spirituality steeped in native animals, sacred hunts and rituals that took place year round.Throughout history, these Picts have been shadowy, enigmatic figures.From the outset, they were regarded as savage warriors but by the time the Norsemen were compiling their sagas and histories, the memory of the Picts had degenerated into a semi-mythical race of fairies.Theories abound, although these days it is generally accepted that the Picts were not, as was once believed, a new race, but were simply the descendants of the indigenous Iron Age people of northern Scotland.”

Dungeon Synth Compilation – New Album Released
Artifacts From The Shadow Realm is a ‘name your price’ dungeon synth compilation curated and mixed by Kaptain Carbon, a big player in the dungeon synth Facebook community and beyond. This is a great place to get an idea of what dungeon synth is all about if you haven’t yet delved into the genre, or maybe haven’t since way back in the Mortiis CMI days. While most of these artists are up & coming in the genre, you will have a wide range of sounds and a good idea of the genre from this compilation.

Enearth – New Album Released
New experimental Dark Ambient album, The Gray Lights, from Enearth (Sycanthrope Project)

Hypnagoga Press – New Issue of The Solar Zine Announced
“The Summer Solstice issue of The Solar Zine, 2017, will be released on June 21st.
This issue marks a new phase for Hypnagoga Press. During the past months we’ve begun a mapping process, as a part of deepening the work done through Hypnagoga Press. A mapping of the inner worlds we wish to journey and manifest, and of the places and projects connected to them. This issue presents a first version of this map. Included in the issue is also the album Sealed by Bonini Bulga, a cassette limited to 50 copies. Bleak, minimalistic music made by Pär, using synthesizers, effect pedals and loops.
We look forward to sharing all this with you.
Receive a digital copy of the The Solar Zine for free on the day of the release – sign up to our newsletter The Lunar Letter on our website:
The physical zine comes both with a cassette and a download code to a digital version of the album. *The digital zine doesn’t include a download code.*”

Jarl – New Album Released
“Without taking as much as a short break, Jarl is returning with the new production Hypnosis Colour, mastered by fellow musician Peter Andersson (Raison D’être) and arts crafted by Karolina Urbaniak.
Continuing from where Amygdala Colours – Hemisphere Roation ended, Jarl takes us on a 47 minute trip further into the psyche of human mind.
Hypnotically coloured sounds that evolves into a mixture of acoustic and electronic sounds are to be expected. Disturbing and beautiful.”

Kalpamantra / Malignant Records – Massive Compilation Released
Recrudescence is the latest collaboration between Kalpamantra and Malignant Records. This massive compilation features tracks from artists on the Malignant roster, some well known artists and others who have yet to release their Malignant debuts. This is a fantastic way to quickly and easily learn more about the breadth of music released by the esteemed label Malignant Records, compiled in a digital only, reasonably priced format.

Las Paccariscas – New EP Released
The Voice Of W​.​A​.​R. Part II is an EP by the Ukrainian dark ambient artist Las Paccariscas. I first was introduced to his music last year on a Kalpamantra release. He would soon after contribute an excellent track to the Terra Relicta compilation I curated and released last year, which you can find here. Definitely an interesting and underrated project to follow.

Paragraphs – New Album Released
The Children Are Orphans Now is a follow up to I Went Outside, I could Hear The Houses Breathing, They Were Alive. This album is everything I intended the first album to be. It is heavier, gloomier, more experimental, and instead of focusing on the bittersweet and potentially poetic aspects of depression, this album focuses on the inescapable, thrashing desperation of various mental illnesses. Once again, in this album I attempt to fuse, dark ambient, shoegaze and post-rock. This time with a bigger emphasis on gloom and lo-fi production. All purchases of this album will come with a bonus package which includes artwork, diary extracts and poetry.”

Vacant Stations – New Album Announced
Clones is currently in production and is due to be released at the end of summer 2017. Winter Light are very excited about this release from this relatively new artist based in London, UK. Having previously released one digital album on Bandcamp, Vacant Stations will now be gracing their roster of artists over at Winter-Light. The full album of over 60 minutes of music, spanning across 13 tracks, will put a new slant on the dark ambient genre with additional experimental touches, tinged with dark and doom laden elements. Check out the details here.

Other News

Father Dagon
This is Father Dagon S01E06 Vincent Abbott. Written by Victoria Snaith, produced by Dread Falls Theatre. Original soundtrack by Seesar. For more information, or to donate, please visit or

This Is Darkness: Week In Review

New MixDark Forest Reigns
Travel deep into the dark and malign forests. The birds sing, but the song is wrong. The rains fall, but the Earth they touch is distorted and perverse. Let this combination of nature and darkness enshroud you in the mysteries of the ancient woodlands, where daemons and faeries dance among the flames of ancestral fires.
Listen to the mix here.

MortiisThe Unraveling Mind
The Unraveling Mind is highly enjoyable and entertaining from beginning to end. Leaving me a bit surprised that Mortiis hasn’t put more attention into this area of his sound, which seems to fit him quite naturally. This certainly is not the usual Mortiis fare. Whether you are a fan of his Era I work, his later albums or neither, The Unraveling Mind is certainly worth a listen. I thoroughly enjoyed this side-step of Mortiis and would be pleased to hear him create more music in this vein over the coming years.
Read the full review here.

Ager Sonus – Interview
Ager Sonus is a dark ambient project out of Germany. While he has had several previous self-released albums, Book of the Black Earth is his first major label release. Releasing through Cryo Chamber immediately drew a lot of attention to his music and it seemed like the perfect time to get in contact with him and find out more about Ager Sonus. Thomas talks to me about some of his inspirations, recording techniques and the history of his musical career. As always, I hope you’ll enjoy the interview and definitely give his music a listen!
Read the full interview here.

Black Mara – Interview
Black Mara Records is a relative newcomer to the genres of dark, ritual, and drone ambient. They have been able to quickly solidify their position as a premier Russian label. Including albums from Ad Lucem Tenebratum and Ugasanie, as well as compilations with some of the most promising new artists around the world, Black Mara has set themselves apart. Each release has its own unique packaging, coming with magical stones, herbal-teas, and various box-set formats filled with goodies. I had plenty of reason to get in touch with Dmitriy the owner of the label. We spoke about his mission for the label, along with the subjects of the gods, and some of his personal tastes. Enjoy the following interview conducted from opposite sides of the globe.
Read the full interview here.

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Frozen In Time: Weekly News 12 June 2017

This week we continued with re-publishing some past interviews, as well as added in a few reviews of some great new releases. Enjoy the week’s offerings!
The first Patreon exclusive mix has been uploaded. Consider supporting This Is Darkness here to get access to the occasional exclusive content!
If you have a project that you would like to see in these Frozen In Time posts get in touch with This Is Darkness at:

Music Videos

Ashtoreth & Amerantropoides
Videopoem by Tim Van der Schraelen

New Releases and Pre-orders

A Bleeding Star – New Single Released (Digital Only)
“Rendezvous: Hopefully Ye Make It Here Astrally Soon…for We Both Are Crystal Clearly Overdue” is the latest track by A Bleeding Star. The single is self-released on Bandcamp in the “name your price” format.

Anima Nostra – Debut Album Available For Pre-order
(Malignant – CD & Digital)
This is a bit outside the scope of dark ambient, but nevertheless a brilliant collaborative project with dark ambient powerhouse Nordvargr.
Malignant Records says about the album: “Initially the name of a collaborative CD between Henrik Nordvargr Björkk and Margaux Renaudin released on Cold Spring in 2016, the duo have now relabeled and solidified themselves under the Anima Nostra moniker, and in turn, broadly expanded their sonic palette, taking the more intimate ritual ambient aspects of the debut, and incorporating them as part of towering constructs that blur the line between death industrial, doom metal, and neo-classical. With it’s upward swells of foreboding brass, fearsome tribal percussion, and hammering, bass heavy dirge, “Atraments” is the unleashing of something truly monumental and cataclysmic, eclipsing nearly everything Nordvargr has ever been associated with in of scope and grandeur. Integral and prominent in the mix are heavily serrated and imperious vocals, employed to drag the listener inexorably into an inferno of apocalyptic proportions, while adding a more structured “song” element and trumpeting the arrival of an inevitable doom. “Atraments” stands firmly as a vision complete and the perfect soundtrack for times of great tumult. Completed with artwork by Thomas Ekelund (Trepaneringsritualen) and Portuguese occult calligrapher Gordoletters, in 6 panel, heavy stock digipak with varnish print.”
Releases on 16 June 2017

Blank Embrace – New Album Released
(Stereoscenic Records – Digital Only)
Blank Embrace released 15 albums during February & March of 2017. This album is a “best of” from those fifteen. Blank Embrace is a prolific ambient artist from Yessey, Russia making music using analog instruments such as balalaika, guitar, and piano; digital synthesizers; field recordings; and of course, a lot of masterful post-processing. “I’m inspired by the surrounding world around me, literally from a ray of light that falls on a wall, for example.” This album is released as “name your price”.

Bloodstalker – Preorder Available (Kalpamantra – Digital)
The new album IV by Bloodstalker appears to be a combination of deep drones and industrial noises. The album will be released on 13 June 2017.

Creation VI – Pre-orders Available (Cryo Chamber – CD & Digital)
“The cold wind howls outside the warm yurt, the shaman inside prepares the pipe. The inhale is deep. With the exhale he starts throat singing. The smoke dances between drums and bells raised by the rest of the tribe. Sweaty face sway and glazed eyes blink in rhythm with the beat. This album is a journey of us humans moving through the ages in our universe. Trying to figure out our place within it as we forge myths and philosophies. Build megaliths and temples. Send our prayers into space and bide our time waiting for the miracle. Recorded on old tapes for a fuzzy warmth. This album uses a lot of acoustic instruments like blockflute, chinese flute (hulusi), shruti-box, harmonica, ocarina, kazoo, bells, chimes, seeds & seedpods. Tribal drums make you feel like you are in the middle of a hypnotic ritual. Recommended for you who enjoy Ugasanie and Paleowolf and field recordings.”
Releases June 13, 2017

Dark Awake – New Album Released
(Barbatos Productions – CD & Digital)
Dark Awake says about their new album, “New (5th full length) opus Neoclassical/Ritual/Neofolk/Dark Ambient/Martial project from Greece.
Nine new Magic Anthems!
The charming atmosphere of the Middle Ages & poetic visions Anton Lavey and Arthur Rimbaud come to life in front of you!”

Eighth Tower Records – New Compilation Released
(Eighth Tower – 2CD & Digital)
Raffaele Pezzella says about the latest compilation: “The labyrinth combines the imagery of the circle and the spiral into a meandering but meaningful path. It is a powerful metaphor for life’s journey, but it also provides a particularly satisfying neurological experience. Our brains operate differently in a labyrinth, it seems, and therefore, we become different people, even for just a few minutes.
To understand labyrinths, you must first understand that a labyrinth is not a maze. Mazes must be solved, a left brain activity that involves choices and an active mind and logical, sequential, linear thinking. A maze is multicursal, with many paths. If you don’t pay attention, you can get lost in one. Not so with a labyrinth. It is unicursal – one way in, one way out. There are no decisions, no choices, no thinking required. The only choice is to enter. To walk one is a right brain activity involving intuition, creativity, and imagination, and it requires a receptive mindset. You must trust the path, surrender to it. A labyrinth is not a puzzle; it is a mystery. Theologian Diogenes Allen illuminates the difference: ‘When a problem is solved, it is over and done with. We go on to other problems. But a mystery, once recognized, is something we are never finished with. Instead, we return to it again and again and it unfolds new levels to us. Mysteries, to be known, must be entered into. We do not solve mysteries. The deeper we enter into them, the more illumination we get. Still greater depths are revealed to us the further we go’. Our brains are looping mysteries like labyrinths.”

Holotrop – New Two-track Single Released
Terra Lucida is the latest by Holotrop. Expect all the ritual / psychedelic / dark ambient sounds for which Holotrop is known. These tracks are also contained in the RITES OF NATEMA boxset.

NotNotice – New Album Released (Crnazemljanet – Digital)
Crnazemljanet says about the album, “The album Trasmutazione narrates the process of change in consciousness connected with spiritual experience. NotNotice uses a combination of noise with extended musical landscape in his tracks. Dark dreams allow you to see the colors. The combination of internal voices and whimsical looped melodies are introduced into trance…”

Svartsinn ‎– Pre-order Available (Cyclic Law | Old Captain – CD & Digital)
You can read my review of Collected Obscurities here.
“Collected Obscurities is a collection of tracks from various compilations and also gathers unique collaboration works with Northaunt, Allseits, Psychomanteum and Gydja. These were released between 2002 and 2012 and many have now been unavailable for a long time. Also included is an early alternate version of “September Dirge” from the “Elegies For The End” album. Obscure and oppressive is the world of Svartsinn, explore this special selection of some of the finest Dark Ambient soundscapes released in the past decade. Prosper In Darkness… ”
Releases on 21 June 2017

Other News

Annihilvs Power Electronix
Gospel of the Gash is the news letter published by APEX. If you are interested in all the latest news coming from their label, give this newsletter a read here.

Father Dagon
This is Father Dagon S01E05: Frank Hall. Written by Victoria Snaith, produced by Dread Falls Theatre. Original soundtrack by Seesar. The professor was performed by Haydn Davis. Frank Hall was performed by Morgan Baker.

Miskatonic West – Pilot
Professor Sousaku Kaos and his band of intrepid students must thwart an evil plot by mysterious monsters and devious beings, inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft.

Zero Kama, Nekrophile Rekords
and the Occult Underground of the Post – Industrial Era


Cryo Chamber
50% off on all Cryo Chamber releases by Alphaxone can be found here.
Alphaxone – Living in the Grayland $3.50
From Alphaxone (IRAN), comes this outwordly dark ambient album. The soundscape varies between the ancient and the futuristic and inspires for internal stories about the path of mankind.

Alphaxone – Altered Dimensions $3.50
The push and pull of sizzling layers creates a storming sea of resonating bliss, until the dark waves of deep crashes in upon us. With Altered Dimensions he reaches a new level of audio fidelity and there is always something subtle in the background as protruding from beyond the physical plane.

Alphaxone – Absence of Motion $3.50
A truly moving experience with smooth reverbs, multi-layered ambience and intricate subtle compositions. Recommended for spacefaring audiophiles.

Alphaxone – Echoes from Outer Silence $3.50
Distant worlds loom on the edge of the solar system. Their echoes through space in search of anyone willing to listen. Field recordings on Earth a contrast to the empty space drones above. This is an album best enjoyed when relaxing with a cup of freeze dried coffee in zero G.

This Is Darkness: Week In Review

Creation VIDeus Sive Natura
Deus Sive Natura is a delight. It is one of the darkest bodies of work Creation VI has created to date. This isn’t a sinister darkness that seeks to scare or unsettle us. This is darkness of flickering flames, sparks of fire and life mingling with one another, as they dance into the night sky. Dues Sive Natura should prove to be an essential addition to the collections of anyone that seeks to reconnect with the past, to rediscover the old ways with all their glory, mystery and darkness of times long forgotten. Cryo Chamber proves once again that the boundaries of dark ambient were meant to be pressed. The sky is the limit when it comes to interpretations of these dark soundscapes. Light your incense, brew a robust herbal tea and prepare for a journey into the past, to times which we should never forget, lest humanity itself be forgotten…
Read the full review here.

You just see the old piano and violin covered in spider webs and the spectres of grave old men in black suits playing mournful tunes. It makes me think of broken patephones, decaying sad family photos, black and white films on old reels and European cities in the 30s, at dawn, covered with fog. Ambient vintage at its best. I know, it’s a trendy term, but I can’t help that it fits here like anywhere else.
Read the full review here.

Northaunt & Svartsinn The Borrowed World
Every dark ambient fan should experience this masterpiece. Listening to it in the 100+ range, I still feel those same emotions that I felt on my first listen. The album played on repeat the whole time I re-read the novel for the purpose of this article, and I will still be happy to hear it yet again when I finish.
Read the full analysis here.

SvartsinnCollected Obscurities
So for readers that don’t know much about Svartsinn, Collected Obscurities is a wonderful place to make that first introduction. For those of us that followed him for years, Collected Obscurities is a damned good reminder of why we love Svartsinn and its a perfect way to hold us over until he finally delivers his new opus, which we must all be hoping to happen sooner than later. There are all the usual elements that we know Svartsinn for and the collaborations give us a chance to focus on the brilliant collaborative side of the Svartsinn project, which have been so dispersed and few in number over the years that many of us should find them as a welcome refresher. While there is nothing particularly new here, that doesn’t change the fact that Collected Obscurities is an absolute pleasure from beginning to end, and deserves a place on the shelf beside the rest of his illustrious discography.
Read the full review here.

Hypnagoga Press – Interview
Continuing to re-publish interviews that were conducted on Terra Relicta, here is an interesting review with Pär & Åsa Boström. They talk about the plans and ideas behind Hypnagoga Press as well as subjects such as Kammarheit, Hymnambulae, Cities Last Broadcast and Altarmang.
Read the full interview here.

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Frozen In Time: Weekly News 5 June 2017

This week has been reasonably quiet. There have definitely been some interesting releases coming up, which of course you will be able to peruse below. But not much major news for the most part. This Is Darkness just got support from our second patron through our Patreon page, which you can find here. The support is greatly appreciated and is more helpful than you might imagine. I hope some more people that find This Is Darkness to be an indispensable tool to their dark ambient doings will also consider to offer their support. Regardless, we’re going full steam ahead. Because this is being done first and foremost for the love of the genre!

You will find a new section has been unveiled this week. “On the Periphery” is a new review section which will cover albums outside the dark ambient genre, but deemed worthy of discovery by fans of dark ambient. It will also serve the purpose of bringing fresh eyes and ears to This Is Darkness and hopefully recruiting some new life-long fans to the genre along the way. Any feedback on this new section would be greatly appreciated. You can get in touch with us through our Facebook page, in the comments section below, or by e-mail:

I have been starting to re-publish my previous interviews from when I worked for Terra Relicta Dark Music Webmagazine. There have already been several added, which you can find links to at the bottom of this article. There will be about 5-6 more posted over the coming week. A big thank you to Terra Relicta for allowing me to re-publish these interviews on This Is Darkness. Many people wouldn’t have done that, and for their continued friendship and support I am very thankful.

New Releases and Pre-orders

Anima Nostra – Pre-order Available (Malignant – CD + Digital)
Initially the name of a collaborative CD between Henrik Nordvargr Björkk and Margaux Renaudin released on Cold Spring in 2016, the duo have now relabeled and solidified themselves under the Anima Nostra moniker, and in turn, broadly expanded their sonic palette, taking the more intimate ritual ambient aspects of the debut, and incorporating them as part of towering constructs that blur the line between death industrial, doom metal, and neo-classical. With it’s upward swells of foreboding brass, fearsome tribal percussion, and hammering, bass heavy dirge, “Atraments” is the unleashing of something truly monumental and cataclysmic, eclipsing nearly everything Nordvargr has ever been associated with in of scope and grandeur. Integral and prominent in the mix are heavily serrated and imperious vocals, employed to drag the listener inexorably into an inferno of apocalyptic proportions, while adding a more structured “song” element and trumpeting the arrival of an inevitable doom. Atraments stands firmly as a vision complete and the perfect soundtrack for times of great tumult. Completed with artwork by Thomas Ekelund (Trepaneringsritualen) and Portuguese occult calligrapher Gordoletters, in 6 panel, heavy stock digipak with varnish print.
Releases 16 June 2017

Araphel – New Album Released (Digital Only)
Araphel returns with the book of revelation, accompanied by the lamb who possesses seven horns and seven eyes, who opens the first four seals within the leather bound book, The Four Horsemen, freed with their own purpose of devastation to set upon the earth. Pestilence, War, Famine, and Death. In this album we will experience the unleashing of the horsemen of the apocalypse in a Dark/Horror Ambience.

Bill Seaman – Pre-orders Available (Eilean Records – CD & Digital)
Eilean Records is set to release the latest album by Bill Seaman. Not exactly dark ambient, but extremely reserved and introspective music, for lovers of darkness.

Fatal Insidious – New Track Available (Digital Only)

Lord Krepelka – New EP Available (Østpreussen – Digital Only)
Russian digital label Østpreussen releases the latest music by Lord Krepelka. After The War is a two-track EP which focuses on experimental sounds but has a uniquely dark aspect, putting it very close to being in line with dark ambient itself.

Melek-Tha & Corona Barathri – New Collaboration/Split Released
(Noctivagant Collective – CD & Digital)
Noctivagant has just released Daimonic Apotheosis [MMXVII], another brilliant work by Corona Barathri, this time with the help of Melek-Tha.

Nunc Stans – New Album Released (DataObscura – CD & Digital)
More deep ambient journeys from Nunc Stans. Suspend time, and drift away …. who knows where you will end up. Drone based, expansive, detailed, musical, and always in flux.

Of Flesh & Mashines – New Album Released
(Depressive Illusions – Cassette + Digital)
An experimental dark ambient album featuring everything from piano to drone to field recording intensive tracks.

Phurpa – Two Pre-orders Available (Zoharum – CD, Vinyl & Digital)
This double album is the successor to the previous release entitled Chöd from nearly a year ago. The new release shows how Phurpa constantly transforms itself through their own musical exploration as well as personal spiritual development. Apart from intensive concerts, its members are famous for their long meditation trainings/sessions. This constant movement, the exploration of various techniques and discovering new inspirations in eastern culture makes Phurpa musicians more and more eager to use traditional instruments in addition to their distinctive “rgyud-skad” singing, thus enriching the already familiar formula. By emphasizing the sacred and spiritual nature of their activity, they seek to enrich it in such a way that the listener can find the novum, bearing in mind that not only the aesthetic but very spiritual world of the ancient deities of the Bön tradition is particularly important. The title, referring to the magical quest for the universe, should set the direction for the interpretation, or be merely a pretext or an invitation to this mystical journey.
Releases 26 June 2017

Phurpa is an extraordinary artistic and cultural project, not only on a European scale. For years, its members have been exploring the traditions of Bön – the magical practices of ancient Tibet, Iran and even Egypt, and they take it closer to their listeners.
A year ago the first volume of Rituals of Bön was released on vinyl. Zoharum now presents the second volume of this series, based on the recordings from the Moscow gigs where Phurpa performed magic shows lasting up until a few hours. The participants would certainly confirm that they are a highly intensive ritual in which both the band and the audience participate.
Releases 26 June 2017

Raych V – New Album Released (Digital Only)

Robert Davies – New Album Released (DataObscura – CD & Digital)
“Four beautiful 15 minute minimal ambient pieces that flow
like gentle water across the sedges and rocks at the tide’s edge.
Immersive, subtle, relaxing, and as captivating as nature herself.”

Ultimae Records – New Compilation Released (Ultimae – Digital Only)
From the passionate lands of France, Arnaud Galoppe, known as Focal and Kinosura, has hand-mixed an emotional labyrinth of dark techno and melancholy ambience in Ultimae’s latest compilation.
Polarity is a double-sided conglomerate of electronic expressions from all over the world, spanning across atmospheric soundworlds of intimate drone and deep, industrial progressions.
This collection of heartwarming soundscapes and foot-stomping house beats is smoother than butter, a series of 26 top-notch tracks that paint an interesting, auditory adventure.
Although the album has a minimalistic approach, it offers a surprisingly detailed production. Each track is layered with expert craftsmanship and hypnotic melodies laced against diverse, psychedelic noise echoing in the distance.
Polarity is certainly an experience worth traversing, and we are proud to host it as an excellent addition to any electronica connoisseur’s sound-library.

Winterblood – New Album Released (Digital Only)
Winterblood releases another frozen delight. You can read my full review of the album here. Winterblood says of the album, “Really minimalist and monotonous due to translate as well my own feelings of standing stare with the eyes into the mist, and to evocate something inexpressible. The track develops from nostalgic and melancholic feelings towards an atmosphere of mystery and tragic loss.”

This Is Darkness – Week in Review


Where Winterblood truly captures my interest is in the way he seems to effortlessly meander between dark ambient and that ever growing, often notorious, genre of dungeon synth. Winterblood takes on a minimalistic approach to his music. Most often incorporating little more than a layer or two of synthesizer. This stripped-down approach helps promote those feelings of isolation in the cold. In the past he has also incorporated field recordings, bringing that biting winter wind right into the mix.
Read the full review here.

Black Box MemoriesTransmissions
On all fronts, Transmissions is a successful side-project. There are certainly dark themes present, whether that is the devil or extra-terrestrial beings. The sounds are consistent and interesting. The album stays active enough to definitely hold the attention of listeners throughout every moment. The loops giving a meditative foundation, the vocal samples adding a sort of life and story to the project. Yet, there is still a passivity to all this, giving readers and scholars enough distance from the sound that they can focus on their tasks. Reeves seems to have tapped into something really promising here. Keeping in mind that this was not a planned album, it seems likely that the next outing as Black Box Memories will be even more interesting, and will take the sound to a more focused and story-driven destination.
Read the full review here.

DeepDark | Xerxes The DarkInner Mystery
The content provided by both artists on Inner Mystery is top notch dark ambient music. This is the first split to be released on Black Mara, and it seems obvious that the label’s owner knew a gem when he saw one. Inner Mystery is dark ambient for any discerning fan. The sounds are well prepared, well executed and well packaged (thanks to the efforts of Black Mara). Inner Darkness is an album that may only provide a few overtly memorable moments, but it is consistently solid, quality work. This is music for the darkest of souls, wanderers of the night, those who would always prefer to lurk in the shadows. If one is new to the sounds of DeepDark and/or Xerxes The Dark, this is the place to make their discovery. It is a fine collection of tracks, by two of the most underrated dark ambient artists in the genre.
Read the full review here.

On the Periphery Reviews

is a truly unique experience. If you hate hip-hop, I doubt you are going to be swayed. But if you do enjoy this genre or at least the occasional song within it, you should find a good bit to love about the dark/horror/occult themes on Anumals. While the sounds themselves are often far from those of dark ambient, the themes, samples, and lyrics of the music should be welcome content for dark ambient fans with an open mind.
Read the full review here.


Enmarta – Interview (re-pub ’15 )
Back in 2015, Enmarta had just landed on the dark ambient scene. His debut album Sea of Black took listeners into a brilliant world of dark ambient blended with authentic classical instrumentation. The album quickly became a lauded addition to the Cryo Chamber label. Since this interview, Enmarta has released his sophomore album, The Hermit which went even further in realizing this neo-classical / dark ambient amalgamation.
Read the full interview here.

A Cryo Chamber CollaborationAzathoth – Interview (re-pub ’15)
Azathoth was unleashed on the world in 2015. The collaboration by the Cryo Chamber collective was the second in their series of Lovecraft albums. The series started with Cthulhu and in the time since this publication Nyarlathotep has also been added to the series. The following interview gets some insights about the Azathoth album from a few of the artists involved.
Read the full interview here.

Randal Collier-Ford – Interview (repub ’16)
In August of 2016 I conducted an interview with the dark ambient artist Randal Collier-Ford. He was fresh off the release of Locus Arcadia, a collaboration between himself and three other Cryo Chamber artists. Not too long before that he released his second album through Cryo Chamber, Remnants. He talked about some of the behind-the-scenes of the Locus Arcadia as well as his plans for the future, among other things. Here you can get to know a bit about the man behind the music.
Read the full interview here.

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Frozen In Time: Weekly News 29 May 2017

Last week there was no Frozen In Time published. I was having a much needed break during the week and catching up on the mountain of releases I plan on reviewing in the near future. There was plenty of rest and relaxation, plenty of reading new books for upcoming reviews, and plenty of dark ambient soundscapes filling the This Is Darkness HQ (aka my bedroom). There are a ton of excellent releases to peruse on this edition. I have combined all of last week’s news into this week so that there will be no dark ambient releases falling through the cracks due to my little spontaneous vacation.

Don’t overlook the “week in review” at the bottom, highlighting the latest articles on This Is Darkness. Also, if you haven’t yet, please have a look at the campaign set-up through Patreon, and consider showing your support to This Is Darkness! If you have something that you would like us to cover or any suggestions/criticism about This Is Darkness, please let us hear your thoughts at

I wish you all a dark and dreary week, fully of introspection, meditation and hopefully not toooo much self-loathing. Thanks as always for your support!

Music Videos

Ashtoreth – New Music Video
The video for “Kala Nag” from the latest album, Morana, by Ashtoreth was created in support of water protectors worldwide.

New Releases and Preorders

A Bleeding Star – Three New Singles (Self-Released / Digital Only)
Over the last two weeks A Bleeding Star has stayed busy. He has released no less than three singles which you can sample below. As usual we can expect some hi quality production of dark ambient that pushes the boundaries of the genre. All three singles are “name your price” and definitely worth checking out.

Ager Sonus – Preorder Available (Cryo Chamber / CD + Digital)
You can read my review of this album here. Cryo Chamber says of the new album, Book of the Black Earth, “The old leather bound book smells of crusted honey. Flecks of dust and dried parchment rain from it’s interior as you open it. Ancient hieroglyphs and diagrams point the way to the obsidian gate. A year later you walk through long forgotten caverns with lantern lit. You’ve finally found the underground lake. A tired face stares back at you from it’s reflection. The air taste sweet down here and in the distance flutes echo of a buried civilization. The feeling of dread washes over you. This is your last chance to get her back from the underworld. Dark bass drone rumbles in the caverns under long forgotten cities. Ager Sonus has succeeded in creating an Egyptian backdrop that is accentuated with flutes and atmospheric layering. Occult and ethereal, this album is for lovers of Necromancy and the unexplored ruins beneath the sands of Egypt.
Releases May 30, 2017

Dead Melodies – New Album Released (Cryo Chamber / CD + Digital)
You can read my review of this album here. Cryo Chamber says of the new album, “The hearth warms your bones as you peer out the crosshatch window. The damp morning dew forms translucent drops on the knee high grass. Whatever was out there last night seems gone but the birds are not yet singing and the animals still hiding. You pull your trekking boots on and head out the gnarled door, leaving the heat of the lonely cabin behind. Save the faint caw of a crow from up in the canopy, the forest lay silent; Devil’s Hill looms in the distance. Through crooked trees you go as the headache hits you and flashes from last night come flooding back; Hooded figures. Blood. The sacrifice! Through clenched teeth you gaze down at the compass in your hand. The needle spinning faster and faster. Anxiously, you look back for the cabin, but it’s gone. Gone! Devil’s Hill dominates where it once stood, only one way to go. Lush field recordings, detailed soundscapes and melancholic melodies drench this album in atmosphere. For lovers of high fidelity dark ambient.”

DeepDark & Xerxes The Dark – New Split Available For Preorder
(Black Mara Records / CD + Digital)
Two prolific and well respected artists from the dark ambient scene come together for this extremely dark experience. Black Mara has brought together Xerxes the Dark and DeepDark for a release which sees some of their darkest and most detailed works to date. As usual with Black Mara, there are limited copies of a deluxe hand-crafted CD that comes with a hand-made pouch with a wax seal logo. Inside the bag: CD on a wooden base with velvet, and also manuscript with poems and info.

Endless Melancholy – New Album Released (Hidden Vibes / CD + Digital)
Hidden Vibes label says about the new album, The Vacation, “Pleasant warmth of summer reflected from grainy surfaces of sound, unfolded once from pages of old book… Radiating through space & time, entering the minds of lazy dreamers, sleepless readers and helpless slackers, hovering behind the dark windows of those nights, when city feels abandoned… The story once whispered changed many forms but still returned to inspire, to bring this feeling of inevitable elusiveness of everything we love and care.”

Kalpamantra – Three New Full Length Releases

Arrival by Reza Solatipour releases 3 June 2017

Noctilucant – New Album Released (Sleep Unit / Cassette + Digital)
About Sleep Unit’s second cassette release they say, “Noctilucant provides us with a deep and ominous offering on red cassette tape (ferric). The quality on this tape is astounding – Noctilucant’s post-apocalyptic soundscapes translate perfectly to the analogue format. Nine finely-crafted soundscapes composed over the period of year are laid out over this 60 minute tape. There’s a dark, fuzzy, heady space on these tracks which leaves you satisfied immediately upon listening, but the compulsive need to re-listen again, until the tape wears out and degrades, like the civilisation Noctilucant has left behind.”

Nubiferous – New Album Released (Self-released / Digital Only)
Ritual/tribal/folk ambient artist Nubiferous came from the dark ambient style, but he has slowly evolved his music over the years into a milder but no less interesting sound.

Rapoon – New Album Released (Self-released / CD + Digital)
The prolific artist Rapoon has yet another new release with which to grip listeners. Un Flic is one of the darker recent releases by Rapoon. As usual we can expect his sounds to veer off into several directions, but keep that dark ambient foundation throughout.

Sombre Soniks – New Compilation Released (Sombre Soniks / Digital Only)
The impressive roster of artists on Sombre Soniks comes together for a celebration of their 100th release. About the new compilation Sombre Soniks says, “We are releasing something rather special to mark this milestone…We have invited artists from thee label to choose a komposition from other artist’s releases and remix/rework this with their own unique sound and style.”

Sun Through Eyelids / Endless Voyage X – Preorder Available
(Self-released / Digital Only)
Sun Through Eyelids have been staying very active since their first album not so long ago. Yet, over this time their sound has progressed greatly and they seem to have some great opportunities on the horizon. Sepulcher Hymns will be released on 2 June 2017. An interesting FYI, Tom Necklen, half of Sun Through Eyelids, has taken over my position of covering the dark ambient releases on Terra Relicta since I started working full-time with This Is Darkness.

Trepaneringsritualen – New Album Released
(Tesco Germany / Vinyl + Digital)
Tesco says of TEERAAL RÄUM PHEYNIX, “☿☿☿ Awake, Jǫrmungandr! Awake and release your tail. Let the worlds be set ablaze. That which is created must be destroyed. Awake, Jǫrmungandr, and let twilight yield a night eternal. »Union & Dissolution« Ev To Παν collects and expands a working previously available on an limited edition cassette split with Celldöd, and adds a previously unreleased excerpt from a working conducted during 2013 through 2015. The material finds T × R × P at its most ritualistic; reaching beyond the atavistic, to time beyond time, and the formless void.

vÄäristymä / DRS – New Split Released
(Eighth Tower Records / Digital Only)
Eighth Tower Records says about the new split, “vÄäristymä and DRS are two projects, the first a duo from Finland, the second an Italian artist, united by the experimentation around the minimal and oblique forms in drone ambient music. Searching for analogue instrumentation and recording generates an obliquely dark sound, alien in the case of vÄäristymä, cavernous and almost underwater in the case of DRS. Both at the frontier of the new minimal ambient drone.”

Vladimír Hirsch – New Album Released
(Old Captain Records /  CD + Digital)
Old Captain says of Scripta Soli, “Scripta Soli (“The writings of the earth”) is a thematic contemplation triggered by a great Czech artist in the form of a fictive experience during an apocalyptic war catastrophe, perceived by a person imprisoned in the bunker. Epically dramatized, it consists of 12 figurative parts to strip moral vacuum accumulated by memories, fears, visions and expectations of the inevitable, like echoes from the devastated core, sonically interpreted by the ground and aborted on the surface. Vladimir Hirsch offers expressionist sharpness and contrast to gouge out the focal sound from the background cacophonous substance to evoke stark and haunting imagery behind. Proving his expertise and repertoire he renders field recordings, electroacoustic and digital techniques through his typical metamorphic musicalization of primarily non-musical elements realizing the shrill, dynamic realities of the inner conflict: the titular sonic earth eventually turns into a grave.”

Xerxes The Dark – New Album Released (D.M.T. Records / Digital Only)
D.M.T. says of the new album, “The album is inspired by a true & heavy Overdose of Morego in fall of 2008, when he was 20 years old. He lived about 2 hours not on earth nor hell, but in a gloomy place like a limbo, after seeing many things and suffering from unknown disorders, experimenting flashes about his past and his death, he gradually came back into life by a mysterious cosmic power that changed the game. This album is a simulation of what happened in his darkened trip on that cold-foggy November night!!”


Cryo Chamber

This weeks sale is all about Ambient with Neoclassical influences
Save 50% on these digital downloads:

Flowers for BodysnatchersAokigahara $3.50
Come visit Japan where Duncan Ritchie takes you to the suicide forest, Aokigahara. Lonely piano and textural field recordings brings you through the forests, cities and back alleys of Japan.

Flowers for BodysnatchersLove Like Blood $3.50
If you enjoy Aokigahara, you don’t want to miss the sequel. Love Like Blood takes you to the underworld that is Tokyo. Experience a sense of safety within a chaotic world.

Enmarta Sea of Black $3.50
If you haven’t listened to this album yet, you should. Enmarta’s first album on Cryo Chamber shows you that Viola and Dark Ambient work together. Smell the salt, swim in dark waters and don’t forget a life west when the violas hit.

EnmartaThe Hermit $3.50
Thick fog rolls in over majestic mountains as you read the dusty book. Cold wind knocks at the rusted gate, begging the soaring tower for attention. A lingering smell of burnt oil reaches you from agitated torches left standing til dawns first light. An album about enlightenment through isolation. Listen to this one at the midnight hour and you’ll get it.

Deep Audio

Week In Review

Husere GravEntropy & Illusion
“If your musical tastes lie closer to the death industrial, power electronics and harsh noise wall side of the ambient world, then this album will surely be to your liking. It holds similarities to these other genres, while still keeping its roots in a black / dark / ritual ambient foundation. For fans of drone music, this will likely be a welcome album. It seems to fit into that drone ambient territory, yet has a thick and menacing lifeforce which is often lacking with those sort of albums.
Read the full review here.

Sielwolf & Nam-kharOppressfield
The second review for This Is Darkness by Przemyslaw Murzyn!
“It’s a fine album, especially for those who prefer the louder forms of ambient music. Thoroughly deliberated from beginning to end. And the good thing is that the guys are not interested in repeating themselves and while you can easily recognize that both collaborations were composed and performed by the same projects, you can’t deny that they differ from one another quite significantly.”
Read the full review here.

The Vomit ArsonistMeditations on Giving up Completely
“Realizing himself, honestly, over the last few years, The Vomit Arsonist has no scruples with doubling down on his style. This is where he feels he belongs, and it really shows on Meditations. Everything done previously by this artist seems to come to a head on Meditations. Listeners should immediately recognize the intensity of the release, an intensity which rarely is diminished through the entirety of the album. I would highly recommend Meditations on Giving up Completely to any readers of This Is Darkness who don’t mind a bit of extra heavy distortion and apocalyptic martial vocal tones. If Meditations is the soundtrack to the end, then we are in for a hell of a climax.”
Read the full review here.

Dead MelodiesLegends of the Wood
“With the perfect combination of atmosphere, emotion and technical prowess, Dead Melodies gives us a lot to enjoy. Whether listening to every minute detail attempting to fully realize the back-story, or putting the album on in the background as a musical companion to work or study, Legends of the Wood proves itself to be an invaluable addition to the collection of any dark ambient listener. For me, this is one of the most interesting and refreshing albums so far in 2017. It is yet another reason to reassure their fan-base that Cryo Chamber is a dark ambient force with which to reckon.”
Read the full review here.

Ager SonusBook of the Black Earth
“Listeners of the more cinematic varieties of dark ambient will be over-joyed with this release. There is enough cinematic work presented here to build numerous narratives. Yet, there is enough room for flexibility in the imagination to complement many other forms of entertainment. Book of the Black Earth by Ager Sonus, along with Legends of the Wood by Dead Melodies have given us vastly detailed works of cinematic art to enjoy for a long while to come. The darkness of these works are only trumped by their technical presentation. If malefic darkness and full immersion are your goals, this album will give ample reason to keep returning to its haunted and dusty tales of ancient antiquity.”
Read the full review here.

Vinterriket – Interview
Vinterriket is mainly a dark ambient artist, though some albums move more into black metal or neo-folk directions. For the past two decades Vinterriket has been honing their style, with many albums to show for their effort. With a new album release on the horizon, now seemed like a good time to catch up with the man behind Vinterriket and find out a bit about his plans and inspirations.
“The new album will be released this summer 2017 and is entitled Nachtfülle. The album will be released in a limited edition only by a French label. There won’t be any surprises. This time it is a pure dark ambient album again, no lyrics, no, vocals. Again, the album is very moody, depressive and atmospheric, here and there also quite hypnotic.”
Read the full interview here.

Rosalie Mulder – Interview
Rosalie Mulder is quite the unique dark ambient artist. At the age of 17 she has managed to release her debut album on the Minnesota based Dark Winter label. Dark Winter has released some memorable albums since founding back in 2002, with releases by well-known artists such as Alio Die and Steve Roach. In recent years their output has slowed considerably, but the quality has remained consistent. Rosalie Mulder started her journey with dark ambient several years ago, experimenting with music for the fun of it in her father’s studio. Chords of Chaos is the culmination of these experimentations. When speaking with her, it is quite obvious that she is still a young artist, with a whimsical approach to her output and just beginning to find her place in the music world. However, the sounds on Chords of Chaos are quite experimental and interesting, it seems that as her experience progresses in this field, we will almost certainly see some more amazing albums coming from her in the future.
Read the interview here.

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Frozen In Time: Weekly News 15 May 2017

This is Darkness is making great strides forward in our progress as a zine. The base of reviewers is beginning to expand and there are some big announcements on the horizon. I would like to take a moment this week to point out that a Patreon campaign for This Is Darkness has been launched. I, Michael Barnett, have been running this site thus far due to the support of friends. My physical condition leaves me unable to work and collect an income, so This Is Darkness, as a project, needs all the help it can get. Becoming a patron of This Is Darkness through Patreon will be the most important way that readers can help out. There are a number of costs associated with running a website and properly promoting material. Please have a look at the Patreon page and consider making a contribution to help keep This Is Darkness growing and thriving for years to come. You can find the Patreon campaign page here.

With that bit of business out of the way, let’s move on to the week’s news!

New Releases and Preorders

A Bleeding Star – New Single Released (Digital)
“The Lost Masquerade of Frost: Tonight Ye Are Mine & Our Cascade Shall Pour for Its Cost” is the latest single by the eclectic dark ambient artist A Bleeding Star. As usual his unique sensibilities shine through on this release, making it quite the interesting experience. With a “name your price” format, it shouldn’t be a hard choice to add this to your collections.

Ashtoreth – New Live Album Released (Digital)
Offering I was performed live at L’Auréole on Sunday 7th of May in Tinques, France. Recorded by Boris Guyot. Live mix by Maxime de Waegenaere. Edited and mixed by Peter Verwimp. Photography by Skink74

Black Box Memories – New Album Released on Sumatran Black Records (Digital)
Sumatran Black Records present a collection of hazy subconsciousness, enigmatic loops and nostalgic pads. Transmissions is the debut release of Black Box Memories, a side project of Sumatran Black. “While mixing and editing the follow up to In the Dread, I still felt I had some creative momentum and was producing a number of tracks that I was extremely happy with. They just didn’t fit in the overall sound and concept of Fathomz but I thought that together they made a pretty nice collection of ideas. So here they are.”

Bleach for the Stars – New Album Available for Preorders on Cromlech Records (Physical and Digital)
Bleach For The Stars is the dark ambient, drone & industrial project of Benjamin Power, hailing from the UK. His music is best described as an intense, raw and powerfully emotional journey into the dark regions of his mind. Ben uses his art to deal with his past and his life’s experiences. Without going into his personal details it is clear to the listener that Ben has had his fair share of tragedy and bleak moments in life. This results in extremely profound musical pieces that create a menacing feeling but also make you appreciate them as something very pure and unreserved. Seldom has music been such a direct and stark statement as with this album. The Time For Silver Flowers is a therapeutic and dramatic expression by an artist who is truly fascinating. The album releases June 12, 2017.

Fatal Insidious Releases A New Single (Digital)

Haunted Me Releases A New Album (Digital)
Haunted Me is an experimental solo project by Claudio Begovic, formed in 2016 and based in Reggio Calabria (Italy). After playing guitar for a few years in a local Tool cover band, Begovic started composing post rock and ambient music with his first creature, Ushiro Mawashi. Haunted Me is the natural evolution of this former project, adding noise and distorted synth organs to spooky vocal samples.

Lesath Releases A New Album (Digital)
On Density IV, Lesath delivers dark and haunting soundscapes. Sure to disturb the sleep of any listener faint of heart.

Murderous Vision – New Album Released (Digital)
The artist says about their latest album, My Necropolis, “The act of writing, recording and compiling tracks for My Necropolis began after returning from a successful tour with The Vomit Arsonist and Apocryphos, in June of 2015. Since that time, many things have been cut, reworked and reworked again. The end result is just over an hour of Dark Ambient, Industrial and Neo-Classical work, that is reminiscent of albums like Life’s Blood Death’s Embrace and Frozen In Morphia. Featuring some great contributions from guests Amanda Howland (Dead Peasant Insurance, Fascist Insect), Wyatt Howland (Skin Graft), Matt Hunzeker (Of Earth and Sun), Tom Orange (Lost Head, Vengeance Space Quartet) Steve Lull (Dead Corporate Eyes, Vengeance Space Quartet), Headstone Brigade and Rob Rosin. A hard copy version may surface at some point next year. Rather than wait that long, creating the album took long enough, it is now being offered digitally for a low price.

Paleowolf – New Single Released (Digital)
Paleowolf, the other project by Metatron Omega, has released their latest track, “Thundertribe”.

The Stone Tapes Announce Preorders For New Album (Physical and Digital)
The second album from The Stone Tapes is due out in August 2017, and the haunted electronica/storytelling duo is seeking pledges to support its release on vinyl through a Kickstarter campaign. You can learn more here.

Wolfgang Gsell – New Album Released on Aural Films (Physical and Digital)
While this is classified as a new age release, I thought there was enough surreal atmosphere and darkness to warrant a mention on This Is Darkness. Aural Films says about the new album, “Those who know Wolfgang’s many releases are used to his music and it’s connection with nature. On this outing, the German new age artist leaves the comfort of the outdoors for surreal landscapes. Here, he plugs into the subconscious to reveal some new works that reflect on the sounds of dreams.”

Other News

Algol / Stuzha / Black Wanderer New Paintings For Sale

Cadabra Records – New Album Available For Preorders

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, The Hound of the Baskervilles LP with Sir Derek Jacobi & Bleak December ships in late July. Cadabra tells a little about the story, “In 1893, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had tired of his infamous creation, and killed Sherlock Holmes off at the hands of his arch nemesis, Professor Moriarty, in a dramatic plunge off the Reichenbach Falls in the appropriately-titled The Final Problem. Eight years later, in a response to public furor for more Holmes, the author wrote the story as a hitherto unpublished work from a period in the detective’s career prior to his fateful encounter with Moriarty. The Hound Of The Baskervilles was indeed a massive success, and Conan Doyle soon resurrected Holmes from the dead, continuing to write new adventures until 1927.” Find out more here.

Dehn Sora / Treha Sektori New Artbook For Sale
40 pages artbook including Head Collection series, “We won’t keep you as a trophy, we want you to watch forever” 250g fineart print / black and white
Including a link on a regularly updated audio page, with ceremonies and unreleased improvs, lives, etc… Released at COR weekend in Vooruit, Gent, 12/13 May 2017. Find out more here.

Weekly Specials


Cryo Chamber

This week Cryo Chamber focus on albums that are centered around times of war.
Save 50% on these digital downloads:

Atrium Carceri
The cold wind blows across the battlefield on this album by Atrium Carceri. Phrenitis takes the listener to a twisted place where the walls between worlds are razed. The ruinous cities of wars long past, where time itself is but a prisoner and the warlords roaming their purgatorial halls are free to destroy the very foundations of the natural order.

Be sure to bring your Geiger counter on this release by Neizvestija. This album from Swedish producer Daniel Wiklander will take you deep into the radioactive zones of Chelyabinsk. If you are a fan of STALKER and are fascinated by Chernobyl, this album should be right up your alley.

Kolhoosi 13
Monuments of Power
The barren soundscapes from Finnish duo Kolhoosi 13 paint a bleak picture. A world in the aftermath of reckless experiments and actions made in the name of power. Manifesting complete disregard of life and man’s own habitat. A world where both lives and nature are expendable. Where the grim consequences are just another record erased and forgotten.

This Is Darkness Week In Review

PolterngeistLevels of Perception
Polterngeist is the side-project of Pavel Malyshkin, best known as Ugasanie. Hailing from Belarus, Pavel has created over the years a sound which is uniquely recognizable. His work as Ugasanie focuses on frozen landscapes and the supernatural occurrences which present themselves within these barren lands. A recurring theme throughout much of his work is the effects that these supernatural occurrences have on the mind. Sometimes this takes the form of some malign deity consuming one’s soul, and sending them rushing into the elements, forfeiting their lives in the process. While at other times, it tells the narrative of northern shamans, purposefully communicating with these deities, bringing themselves in contact with the netherworld.
Read the full review here.

Sonologyst – Interview
Raffaele Pezzella is the man behind the experimental dark ambient act, Sonologyst. He is also the head of Unexplained Sounds Group as well as its sub-label Eighth Tower Records. I had a chance to speak with Raffaele about some of his musical background, his inspirations and the vision he has for the future of his labels. Thanks for reading, I hope you will enjoy our conversation.
You can find the full interview here.

Sacral Dark Ambient Mix
This mix is full of irreligious splendor. Wander the halls of long forgotten cathedrals and churches. Perform the sacrilegious rites to bring the daemons upon our lands once again. This beautiful, yet disturbing mix takes a look at some of the sacral dark ambient music of the last two decades, with many newer tracks but some classics mixed in. Much of the mix stays calm and relaxed, but toward the middle some ghastly daemons arise, wreaking havoc on the land before slowly residing back into their slumbers.
Listen to the mix here.

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This Is Darkness has gone live with the help of friends and supporters. I have been disabled since 2015, due to a spinal injury. Any support that can be given is greatly appreciated. Donations will go toward the maintenance of this site as well as additional promotion to increase its reach and influence. You can help through the donate button below,  or follow this link to the This Is Darkness Patreon page here.

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