We will be incorporating more works like this in the future. Full texts of old horror and weird fiction which has fallen into public domain, but is certainly still worthy of reading. We would greatly appreciate feedback on this feature. What sort of stories would you prefer? Longer? Shorter? Stupid idea? Let us know! Also we are keeping an eye open for new unpublished works by modern authors who may be looking for some extra exposure through the zine. So, please get in touch!

This feature will include a mix of music inspired by the text, as well as a perfect companion to its reading. The story will also be preceded by a brief foreword written and/or compiled by This Is Darkness.

Check out the novella and mix here.

Links to all included albums on the mix can be found below the player.

01. 0:00:00 Endless Melancholy – Prologue (For A Broken Tape Recorder)
02. 0:01:30 The Caretaker – Now The Night Is Over And The Dawn Is About To Break
03. 0:06:25 Mortaur – Suit Wearer Walking Backwards
04. 0:08:10 Flowers for Bodysnatchers – Dear Ernest, You’re Dead
05. 0:16:30 L’Horrible Passion – Mnemosine (or how to lose your eyes to never see the light again)
06. 0:25:50 Ian Fleming – The Smell of Flesh As It Cooks
07. 0:30:40 Atrium Carceri – The Ancient City
08. 0:34:45 The Caretaker – An Empty Bliss Beyond This World
09. 0:38:30 Secluded Alchemist – As Ages Pass, Solace is Found
10. 0:43:20 Manifesto – Dog Country
11. 0:47:50 David Lynch & Dean Hurley – The Air is on Fire: VII (Interior)
12. 0:51:30 Spiralithic – Les Gnossiennes d’Erik Satie – Gnossienne No.3
13. 0:54:00 Teahouse Radio – Death would find my halls and flood them
14. 0:57:40 Council of Nine – This World Has Not Been Kind
15. 1:03:30 Atrium Carceri – Red Stains
16. 1:06:00 Mebitek feat. Nicola Melis – Romantic Deepness
17. 1:12:30 Wordclock – Beatrice’s Euphoria
18. 1:18:30 The Caretaker – Glimpses of hope in trying times
19. 1:23:10 First Human Ferro – Prophetic Decay of Angel
20. 1:29:20 Sana Obruent – Good Night
21. 1:32:30 Tapes and Topographies – Stay Until I Sleep