The long awaited second installment of our compilation series has arrived! We’ve curated tracks from some of the biggest names in the dark ambient and post-industrial scene as well as some very talented up & coming artists. We invite you to discover this massive set of tracks, which starts in the more traditional forms of dark ambient and slowly meanders its way into more post-industrial and even dark jazz territory!

The album takes its name from its final track by Senketsu No Night Club, one of our favorite dark jazz projects in recent years. You can hear the original version of that track on their latest album Shikkoku, which we reviewed here.

Another track to note is the one by Fyrhtu. “Sun Ship, Night Sea” is the very first track to be released by the new duo which includes Leila Abdul-Rauf and Nathan A. Verrill, who have previously performed together in the band Cardinal Wyrm.

All tracks are exclusive to this compilation!

Thanks so much to Pär Boström for creating this beautiful album art. A big thank you also goes to the many musicians that took part in this compilation. All artists have graciously contributed their tracks to this cause. So whatever money is raised from this compilation will help support the endeavors of This Is Darkness.

If you like what you hear, be sure to follow and support the artists!

I will end this with the English translation of the lyrics to the included Skeldos track, “Tylos”.

Silences (Tylos)

We pull the roots out of our fields
So the wind could flow freely
So the thoughts could dive deep had they wished to

We purge everything and pile it in the ravine
And simply leave it there to decompose
No fires or rituals, merely an empty field
What good are spells when dunes are all your own?

We pick the antlers hung above the water
While fishermen pull out their nets nearby
While trapped reflections are refracted by the surface

We stack those wooden antlers in a sheaf
When stars encircle our restless heads
And sweep the water surface to let shine the smooth
Not spells, but merely our silences