The first mix in our “Guest Sessions” series for is prepared by Pär Boström, the veteran dark ambient musician known for his projects Kammarheit, Cities Last Broadcast, Hymnambulae and Altarmang. Pär Boström has created a mix that showcases his love for the ritualistic, escapism and mysticism. All these elements come together to form a brilliant mix which is tailored for dreamers, yet it should be pleasing to just about any sort of dark ambient fan. Whether you are lying in the dark with your headphones, curled up on your sofa with a good book, or burning a thick cloud of incense meditating on the greater meaning of life, this mix should be a welcome and highly enjoyable experience.
While you are listening, have a look at this week’s Frozen In Time segment, our weekly dark ambient news article!
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01. 0:00:00 Arktau Eos – Stillatory Of Umbræ
02. 0:06:40 Hymnambulae – Orgelhuset
03. 0:13:00 Elegi – Fyrtårnet Part 1
04. 0:19:14 Asmorod – Anaesthetic Season
05. 0:30:42 Arktau Eos – Oracle Of Frozen Sands
06. 0:37:34 Popol Vuh – Mantra II
07. 0:42:51 Tusen År Under Jord – Sorgsendömet Fobos I
08. 0:47:30 Elegi – Fyrtårnet Part 3
09. 0:51:40 Troum – Ghutó-m
10. 0:58:05 Deutsch Nepal – Neris Of Tears
11. 1:05:32 Halo Manash – Uhr-a-Usva
12. 1:13:24 Kerovnian – Before The Oblivion
13. 1:18:57 Kammarheit – The Excavation Site
14. 1:27:38 Daina Dieva/Skeldos – Miego

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