I hope everyone is holding up alright during these trying times. I’ve been fighting to keep motivation for the most basic of things, but I’m going to be trying to get more active again, we’ll see how it goes! Today’s offering is a new mix I’ve created, tailored to your pandemic needs. The mix falls back and forth between passivity and more active/percussive moments. I hope you will all find this enjoyable and discover a few new tracks along the way. Stay safe out/in there!


01. 00:00 Lamia Vox – Song of Destiny
02. 05:00 Hymnambulae – Light-Vessel
03. 09:35 Undirheimar – Helvegr
04. 16:50 Shedir – Conceive These Images In Air
05. 19:55 God Body Disconnect – At the End of a Breath
06. 24:15 Desiderii Marginis – What Death Whispers to the Dying
07. 29:05 Bonini Bulga – Remember the Bones
08. 35:10 Beyond the Ghost – Frozen in Time
09. 40:15 Ghostemane – Androids Dream of Electric Sheep
10. 43:40 Atrium Carceri – Ritual at the End of Time