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Frozen In Time: This is Darkness playlist – March 2024

Here are the dark ambient albums that we at This is Darkness have been listening to this month – some are new releases, but a few are older gems we’ve just (re)discovered.

Please check these out by clicking on the Bandcamp link next to each review (or by clicking on the BNDCMPR link at the bottom of the page), and please consider supporting the featured artists. Enjoy!

Jettenbach – a voicenote to the hierophant


I’m a huge fan of Dragon & Jettenbach, so I was delighted when I heard that Jettenbach was releasing a new solo EP! a voicenote to the hierophant is a deliciously dark and ominous dark ambient album with seriously  industrial / harsh electronic undertones. Subtle and melancholic in places, aggressive and angry in others, this is one of those albums where each and every listen is an absolute joy. Very highly recommended for fans of dark ambient with an industrial / electronic edge!



The latest release from London based Patasonus is TENEBRIS, an album of experimental soundscapes that skilfully combines elements of drone, dark ambient, and electronica. This is yet another impressive album from this talented musician, with each track offering something different, while also retaining the overall feel and vibe of the album. I’ve had this on repeat play since I first heard this, and it gets better with each and every listen. Awesome stuff!

Nerthus – Silent Monuments


The latest release from the ever amazing Eighth Tower Records is this wonderful album of post-industrial dark ambient. Inspired by a passion for abandoned industrial facilities photography, this album explores abandoned industrial complexes, with each track perfectly capturing the sense of desolation, isolation, crumbling decay, and rusting machinery. This is one of those albums to lose yourself in as you lie back on the sofa with the lights out. Absolutely breath-taking.

IO – Frontispiece​,​”What is Man​!​”


The latest track from sound and visual artist IO is Frontispiece​,​“What is Man​!​” . Inspired by the works of the English poet, painter and typographer, William Blake, this is a haunting dark ambient / dark industrial piece with evolving drones and an underlying sense of melancholy that perfectly captures the human experience with all of its vices, follies, virtues and strengths. Another impressive track from a musician who never fails to deliver!

David Lee Myers, Sonologyst, Lars Bröndum – Unus et Trinus


Now this is very cool – an album featuring 3 incredibly talented musicians! With individual offerings from each artist, as well as the wonderful collaborative track, Unus (created from exchanges of samples, audio experiments, music segments), this is an album that cannot fail to impress. The music here is dark ambient, with an experimental edge that take things to the next level. If you’re looking for something that pushes the boundaries of the genre, while retaining the essence of it, this is an album that you simply have to check out. Fantastic!

Hiemal – Alone in Temporary Places


Regular readers will know that I’m  a huge fan of Hiemal, and that I’m always excited when he releases something new. As with previous albums, Alone in Temporary Places is a feast of slowly evolving drone filled soundscapes – with each track providing a mediative listening experience that is second to none. If you haven’t listened to Hiemal before (and if not, why not?!), this is a great place to start – so do yourself a massive favour and check this out now!

RDKPL – noitavoNC


Inner Demons Records is one of my favourite labels, consistently releasing high quality experimental and noise music, so I’m always thrilled when one of their new releases comes to my attention. And noitavoNC, by Czech noisemaker RDKPL, is another awesome release – a 4 track album of noisy drone with elements of post-industrial added to the mix, with each and every listen offering something new. highly recommended for fans of the noisier side of things. Noise-tastic!

Orquesta Drone Tropical – Goblins


Goblins is the latest album from Colombian drone / dark ambient / experimental musicians Orquesta Drone Tropical. This is one of the most creative and rewarding albums I’ve listened to in quite a while – yes, in places it’s not an easy listen, but that is most definitely part of its charm. With some incredible samples and field recordings (the screeching cat is just one marvellous example!) blended skilfully into the music, this will have you admiring the inventiveness of the audio journey unfolding as you listen. Wonderful!

Michael D. Tidwell – The Lonely Scapes of a Darkened Soul


Dark Odyssey Records is a Canadian dark ambient label that is already making quite a name for itself with a trilogy of impressive releases. First up is The Lonely Scapes of a Darkened Soul by Michael D. Tidwell – an EP of cinematic dark ambient inspired by movies such as Dune, The Fifth Element, Elysium, and Lord of the Rings. The music here is multi-layered with real depth to it, taking the listener on an audio journey that is as rewarding as it is entertaining. Highly recommended for fans of cinematic dark ambient and movie soundtracks!



Next up from Dark Odyssey Records is this ritualistic dark ambient release from Greek musician Dark Awake. With neoclassic influences, and subtle industrial undertones, this is an unnerving album full of brooding atmosphere and a sense of otherworldly dread. I’ve had this on repeat play for several weeks now and I’m still loving it as much as I did the first time I heard it. If you’re a fan of eerie dark ambient with ritual ambient elements, then this is an absolute must have!

Chaigidel – Entrails of the Earth


Finally from Dark Odyssey Records is Entrails of the Earth by Italian musician Chaigidel – an album of breath-taking industrial ambient that does an incredible job of combining the esoteric with industrial to create something very special indeed. This is another one of those albums that offers an amazing listening experience, both challenging and rewarding the listener in equal measure. With multi-layered depths this is an album that will offer something new each time you play it. Simply awesome!

Bonzaii – Escalating Quiet


I’ve been a huge fan of Bonzaii for a number of years now, finding each and every release an absolute pleasure to listen to and lose myself in. Escalating Quiet is no different, with a wonderfully subtle melancholic feel to it, and featuring slowly evolving drones that are skilfully blended with field recordings and samples. This is music that is perfect for a spot of meditation or self-reflection, or for simply losing yourself in as you lie back and close your eyes. Beautiful.

Tineidae & Sole Massif – Remnants of War


Oh wow! The Cryo Chamber label has done it again – releasing this incredible cyberpunk dark ambient album from Tineidae & Sole Massif. With soaring synths, thumping bass, and a deliciously deep dark ambient vibe, this is simply stunning. This is the perfect soundtrack to any cyberpunk sci-fi novels, movies or movies, and I have lost myself to this music again and again since this was released. This is an essential purchase for anyone who likes cinematic dark ambient with a sci-fi edge. Mind-blowing!

Spacecraft – Drifting in Peace


Mumbai based musician, Spacecraft, creates the most wonderfully chilled out space ambient / drone music – evoking a sense of calm and galactic wonder. Strictly speaking, this is more ambient than dark ambient, but fans of the genre will find this an incredibly rewarding album, due to its impressive soundscapes and multi-layered textures. Definitely an album worth checking out for those looking for something a little more melodic and contemplative. Gorgeous!

Capricorni Pneumatici – Al​-​Azif


Al-Azif is the second album from Capricorni Pneumatici. Originally released on tape in 1987, this has now been released on the Eighth Tower Records label to make it available to a wider audience. This is an album of deep, dark industrial ambient with an incredibly unique sound resulting from the fact that the album was recorded underground in location containing a number of large cement tanks. Fans of industrial / post-industrial ambient should definitely check out this classic album now that it has been re-issued. Wonderful stuff!

Vyormouth – Between Planes


Zero K continues to release dark ambient / experimental albums of the highest quality, and Between Planes by Vyormouth is no different – providing an “auditory journey through the liminal spaces of both the physical and psychic realms”. With 3 tracks, each an hour in length, this album is perfect for losing yourself in as the slow pulsing drones, and monotonous and desolate frequencies take us far away from our surroundings and ourselves. Absolutely remarkable!

Click on the below image to go to this month’s This is Darkness playlist on BNDCMPR, which features 1 track from each of the above albums:


Enmarta – Interview (re-pub ’15 )

Interview with: Enmarta aka Siegfried (Der Leiermann)
Conducted by: Michael Barnett

This interview was originally published on Terra Relicta Dark Music Webmagazine back in September of 2015. Tomaz has been kind enough to allow me to re-publish this interview on This Is Darkness.

Back in 2015, Enmarta had just landed on the dark ambient scene. His debut album Sea of Black took listeners into a brilliant world of dark ambient blended with authentic classical instrumentation. The album quickly became a lauded addition to the Cryo Chamber label. Since this interview, Enmarta has released his sophomore album, The Hermit which went even further in realizing this neo-classical / dark ambient amalgamation.

Michael: Where exactly are you from, and how does that influence your music?

Siegfried: Well, I’m from Reggio Calabria (South Italy), a small city for “small” people. It is easy to be imprisoned in yourself here and that’s because there’s no one who could understand your message. At least I have some friends with the same interests, but try to imagine a society who couldn’t catch what you have to say – even if you play indie or pop rock, now try to imagine it interfacing with dark ambient… This says it all.

Michael: What instruments did you play yourself for Sea Of Black? How did that effect your take on a dark ambient album?

Siegfried: My gear consists of a simple midi keyboard, a simple handmade Indonesian flute, a glockenspiel, bells and my viola. Everything treated with FL Studio and Reaper. This is what I use for Enmarta. I think I will expand my gear to different other instruments. I was just thinking about a string quartet for my second work! But we will see, I need time to study this combination.

Michael: Do you compose in any other genres?

Siegfried: Yes, of course. Actually I’m working for a black metal project of mine, but at the moment I’m too busy with my music studies that keep me in hours of seclusion. I also play keyboards in a melodic death metal band called Memories Of A Lost Soul.

Michael: How did you discover dark ambient music?

Siegfried: I have listened to black metal for a long time, since I was younger. Between songs we would always find some dark/obscure interludes and I think you must be wondering on how this could focus on my discovery of dark ambient music. Through time I just did some research and I just discovered that it was simply a genre within a genre. That’s how I discovered dark ambient music.

Michael: Do you ever perform live? Do you see live shows as a fitting way to spread the word about dark ambient, and your own album in particular?

Siegfried: I never perform live and it’s a pity. Of course it is a wonderful way to spread the word, my word. I can’t do anything here, I’m just locked, but I hope to make something great happen in the future. Maybe a performance for closer friends, who knows?

Michael: How did you come in contact with Cryo Chamber?

Siegfried: I just wanted to introduce my music to a large number of bright and able people. Cryo Chamber seemed the most suitable way to spread out my passion. At first it seemed a dream to me, but then I just asked Simon Heath if it could be possible to make this dream come true. Now I’m here.

Michael: How has your experience as an addition to the Cryo Chamber roster affected you?

Siegfried: It has been a joy to see my name and my face alongside those of many other composers who have given something very relevant to the world of music and I’m still very excited about it. It is not so easy belonging to a particular group of people.

Michael: Did you have a specific concept in mind, when starting this project, or did the concept and feel of the album change as you produced the tracks?

Siegfried: I just started this project as a bridge to my soul. I try to express what I have inside through a language that helps me a lot, MUSIC. I find no other way to make you understand how much I hate mankind and how I wish to see it rot. All my tracks have a specific message inside, but it is up to you to figure out what kind of message.

Michael: How do you feel about the dark ambient scene as a whole? Has it seemed very welcoming to you or has it been a struggle to gain recognition amongst so many veteran musicians?

Siegfried: It was not difficult to open a way in the scene, I thought Sea Of Black would have been a flop, and instead I received hundreds of compliments even from very important people in the scene and now everyone asks me what’s in store. I think it is a very warm welcome.

Michael: What are you currently working on musically? Do you have another dark ambient album in the works, or will you be focusing on other areas of your life?

Siegfried: I’m currently working on new sounds. I think I’ll bring this project with me, in my grave, one day.
(editor’s note: as fate would have it, this project did not follow him to his grave. Here’s a track from his most recent album, The Hermit, also released through Cryo Chamber.)

Michael: If you could tell fans one thing about yourself that you find interesting and they may not know about you, what would it be?

Siegfried: I am a fetishist.

Michael: Do you have a strong connection to ancient Italian civilizations? Do you ever visit ruins, which ones if so? Does this deep Italian history play any role in your music?

Siegfried: I have a strong link with the past of my nation and its traditions. I live on the same land where the first Greeks set foot to give life to what was once called the Magna Græcia, now called Calabria. The same land that for us has become synonymous with corruption for them became a land of hope. Many ruins and tools were still preserved in the best possible way, many others lost forever or simply not brought to light yet. We still have a lot of ruins scattered throughout the region: Caulonia, Gerace, Locri, Vibo Valentia, Nao and so on. I suggest that you visit these magnificent places, it’s a real ancestral throwback. In conclusion, my final answer is YES: my music is dedicated to my ancestors, as well as the stars which combine themselves to give life to a new galaxy. Our ancestors gathered with all their forces to give us a future, a floor to rest our feet and all my prayers and passions are devoted to them.

Enmarta links: Facebook, Cryo Chamber

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