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IDIL Awards – call reminder

The “In Darkness Is Light“, new international dark experimental music awards by Eighth Tower Magazine is still open to submissions, with the closing deadline of 31 December 2023 several months away.

The IDIL Awards are dedicated to all forms of dark experimental music and promotes the innovation and research in the field of dark electronics and dark electroacoustic music.

15 tracks among all the ones submitted will be selected and included in a compilation to be digitally published by Eighth Tower Records in February 2024. An international jury composed of radio djs, podcasters, and reviewers, will assign a score to every track to determine prize winners.

– Prize for the 1st classified project: € 200,00 + a full special on the magazine;
– Prize for the 2nd classified project: € 100,00 + a full special on the magazine;
– Prize for the 3rd classified project: 1 year free subscription to the Eighth Tower magazine + a full special on the magazine;
– Prize for the 4th classified project: 6 months free subscription to the Eighth Tower magazine + a full special on the magazine;
– Prize for the 5th classified project: 3 months free subscription to the Eighth Tower magazine + a full special on the magazine.
– All tracks will be played in the Unexplained Sounds streaming radio program and all radios programs of the circuit.

Participation Guidelines:
– submissions of a single track for each project (maximum 8 minutes, .wav or .flac format) to info@unexplainedsounds.com;
– tracks must be unpublished and exclusive made for the compilation mentioned above;
– it’s requested a bio and a description of the project;
– links to video and visual material will be welcomed;
– multiple projects from the same person won’t be allowed;
– track submissions via link to Wetransfer, Google or other similar transfer services;
– deadline December, 31, 2023.
Preliminary condition to participate:
– to be subscribed at least for 2 months to the Eighth Tower magazine (tier Apprentice Supporter or upper tiers): https://www.patreon.com/eighthtower

Jury members:
– Raffaele Pezzella – Eighth Tower publisher (Italy)
– Mike Borella – Avant Music News web zine (US)
– Dj SpaceTerrapin – Enclosure Three radio program (Germany)
– David Loveless – The Dungeon In Deep Space blog (US)
– Rich Dodgin – This Is Darkness webzine (US)
– Bram Hagers – Horae Obscura podcast (Belgium)
– Bepi Crespan – CITR 101.9FM (Vancouver, Canada)
– Paul Casey – Independent reviewer (US)
– David Warmbier – Spectrasonicsound podcast (US)
– Peter Van Cooten – Ambientblog (Netherlands)

Sponsored by Eighth Tower: https://www.patreon.com/eighthtower
Sponsor partner: Avant Music News: https://avantmusicnews.com

Anyone who would like to support the “In Darkness Is Light” Awards to grow and increase the amount of prizes in time, can donate here: paypal.me/usggroup

Nihil Impvlse – Stasis – Review

Artist: Nihil Impvlse
Album: Stasis
Release date: 17 December 2020
Label: Eighth Tower Records
Reviewer: Rich Dodgin

01. Krankheitsfelder
02. Psychik Plague
03. Thanatological Singularity
04. Zeitgeist Penthotal
05. A Prison Within A Prison
06. Prophets Of Fall
07. To All Our Futures These Ruins Shall Return

Sometimes I’m just in the mood for something dark, noisy and aggressive as hell… and on days like those, an album such as Stasis by Nihil Impvlse is exactly what I need.

Stasis is “… an exploration, in seven chapters, of the diagrams of the power mechanisms caging us in an invisible prison: civilization… “, and during the course of the album we are treated to an array of harsh noise / drone / industrial, full of jarring, pounding, skull-splitting soundscapes from the depths of hell. It’s bleak, discomforting stuff, but that’s the point.

Each track is also complimented by a sparingly used vocal sample, that provides additional context and example of the political and personal power struggles that bind us all within life’s prison cell. The end result  is an impressive album that challenges and rewards in equal measure – and where each track offers something different, and yet maintains the overall feel of the album.

With StasisNihil Impvlse has done an incredible job of expressing the frustration and futility of modern life; of being trapped as a cog in the grinding wheels of civilisation.

Highly recommended!

Written by: Rich Dodgin

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