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This Is Darkness is a site for dark ambient fans. On This Is Darkness you will find a variety of features which should be of interest to fans of dark ambient music. This includes news, reviews, interviews, and mixes.

There will also be other features that cater to the interests of dark ambient fans. There will be articles focusing on horror themes, post-apocalyptic themes, sci-fi themes, and the like. This Is Darkness will soon include short stories and poetry for the dark ambient listener. The themes of these will be wide ranging, but always focused on the interests of the dark ambient listener.

Dark ambient is a tiny genre in comparison to others. Fans of dark ambient can find it hard to learn more about the happenings of the genre, since it is rarely covered by major webzines, magazines, and television music stations. With this in mind, This Is Darkness will attempt to fill this void. By providing fans with a weekly news summary of upcoming releases, concert coverage, and general news worthy topics, we will give fans a one-stop fix for their dark ambient appetites.

In the formative months of This Is Darkness it will be extremely helpful for us to recieve any suggestions or critiques that readers may have to offer. If there is something you want to see here, please let us know, we may just add that feature!

If you are interested in making a submission to This Is Darkness, please feel free to contact us at the following address: info@ThisIsDarkness.com

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