We are very pleased to share with you the latest in our series of guest mixes. This time Mark O’Shea of Winter-Light Records has contributed a one hour seamless mix. This mix includes a dark and wonderful flow of tracks from recent Winter-Light Records releases. You’ve had the chance to read on This Is Darkness about projects like Nam-Khar, ABBILDUNG and VelgeNaturlig, but we invite you to now take a deeper dive into the recent catalog of the Winter-Light label. As always, if you find music hear that you enjoy, we implore you to follow the links provided below the player and support the label and artists that have worked so tirelessly to present this music to you! Enjoy!

In case the embedded player doesn’t work for you, here’s the direct link:

01. 0:00:00 Charadriiform & Filivs Marcocosmi – Drifting Stations
02. 0:05:52 Jeff Stonehouse – These Promises
03. 0:11:34 Rapoon – You look like something…
04. 0:18:20 NIMH – The Thanandar’s Room
05. 0:22:35 Nam-khar – Dri Za
06. 0:26:30 Foetusdreams – Ignis Fatum
07. 0:33:10 Inner Vision Laboratory – Badlands
08. 0:37:25 Seetyca – wenn alles aus ist
09. 0:43:45 NIMH – Beyond The Gates
10. 0:49:20 ABBILDUNG – Hymne Zahir
11. 0:54:10 VelgeNaturlig – Secret Dialogue